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Boys Over Flowers – Ending Scene?

Update (2/21): Producers claim that the scene is not planned as the final – in fact, they say that the last few episodes haven’t even been planned yet. I guess we’ll have to wait and see. ^^

Warning: Potential Spoiler!!! (Potential because it is a rumour, not a fact.)


There is word that the centre picture will be shown in the drama’s last scene.

Ending scene?

Ending scene?

If we assume this to be true, we could infer that Jun Pyo takes Jan Di back to New Caledonia like he suggested on their first trip, when Jan Di said that she wishes her family could be there.

Jan Di is wearing a necklace…. could it be the equilavent to the Saturn necklace shown in the Japanese series? Also, netizens have pointed out that Jun Pyo has a ring on his finger, and are speculating that this will be similar to the ending in Hana Yori Dango Final (the Japanese movie).



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