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Ju Ji Hun Likes Skinship

Ju Jihun

Ju Ji Hun

Recently linked both to actresses Song Ji Hyo (Goong) and Shin Mina (Kitchen), Ju Ji Hun was asked why he thinks dating rumours generate so often for him. Joo explained that it’s probably because he likes skinship ( – his words, not KP’s –  and often holds hands with his female friends/colleagues.

“I’ve always liked holding hands. I even hold hands with my male friends when walking along the street.” (This isn’t so unusual for guys in Korea.)

He also mentioned that his Kitchen co-star Kim Tae Woo, on the other hand, did not feel comfortable with Ju’s habit. “[…] I grabbed Kim Tae Woo’s hand to hold, but he hated it.”

In regards to his relationship status – Ju says that at he is not presently seeing anybody. He says that he has an open and honest personality, and that the only reason he would hide a relationship in the future is if his girlfriend was strongly against going public.

Ju has the starring role in the stage musical Don Juan, playing from February 6 to March 8.


Q: Why is his name spelled like that? Isn’t it Joo Ji Hoon?
A: Please refer to


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