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Boys Over Flowers – Episodes 11 & 12 Previews

Preview for episodes 11 & 12:

Watch quickly! KBS is supposedly working to take down illegal uploads.

Longer previews for each episode (11 and 12) are available, but the quality is not good. (Personally, am not going to watch the clips – after all, there should be some element of surprise while watching on Monday/Tuesday. ^^ But you can! Also, dear readers, KP would really appreciate it if you vote in the poll on the right side of the page. We need some feedback about this new blog!)
Episode 11:
Episode 12:

General gist (spoiler): Jan Di’s modelling gig goes awry, and she tries to fight the photographers off –> Yi Jeong gives a birthday gift to Ga Eul –> Jan Di and Je Ha become friends –> Ga Eul, Ji Hu, Yi Jeong, and Woo Bin are all on high alert searching frantically for Jan Di since nobody’s been able to get hold of her since she left in the morning with Je Ha –> Jan Di appears worried, sitting alone on bare ground –> Ji Hu demands, “Contact Jun Pyo. Jan Di’s in danger.”

Narrative episode 11 spoiler translated from the KBS website:

“You don’t know? He’s a model who’s on the rise lately. Hometown unknown, profile unknown, life unknown. Like [I] say, a mysterious mystery model.” —“Master” to Jan Di

Jan Di goes to model for a learning academy advertisement, but realizes belatedly that she was tricked by a shady operation. She tries to leave, but is faced with crisis when prevented from doing so. Suddenly, an unknown male appears and rescues Jan Di.

Without revealing his identity, he disappears after pledging to meet again someday. Jan Di is surprised when he shows up a while later as a first-year student at Shinhwa High School. Proclaiming himself to be a fan of the reputed Joan D’Arc (Jan Di) of Shin-hwa, Je Ha and Jan Di quickly become close friends.

Jun Pyo is disgruntled that Jan Di is completely engrossed with working her part-time jobs and seems to have no time for anything else. Although Jun Pyo tries his best to hold his temper (and be patient), he explodes when he sees Jan Di on a magazine cover with mystery model Haje.

In the midst of Ji Hu, Yi Jeong, and Woo Bin being displeased with Jan Di’s behaviour, a second red card shows up in Jan Di’s locker…

KBS has not put up the preview video clip as of yet.

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