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Boys Over Flowers – News Review 1

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Due to the overflowing amount of news on Boys Over Flowers and its cast, we have decided to do a summary to cover both information that we did and didn’t dedicate full posts to.

News & Gossip Recap (2/1-2/7)

Kim Beom's thank you

Kim Beom's thank you

  • This week, Kim Beom was the last of the F4 to be involved in a car accident, all within this past month. He updated his minihompy to thank his fans for their concern, and confirm that he is fine.
  • This just in! – Lee Min Ho’s ex (from the formerly publicized sticker photos) made her photos from when she was dating him in 2005 to be public on her Cy minihompy. She put one of their photos as her main display pic with the words, “Back then, I was Keum Jan Di”. She also referred to him as “Manner Man Min Ho” (meaning that he is considerate) and “Dominoes”. Netizens are accusing her of using this to attract people to the internet shopping mall she owns. Whatever the reason, her minihompy is now closed down. (Source:
Lee Min Ho's ex's Cy

Lee Min Ho's ex's Cy

  • Netizens dug up an old magazine photo of Lee Min Ho and Dan Ji, and are assuming that they were dating at the time.
  • China and the Philippines have cast actors to play F4 for their respective Hana Yori Dango adaptations.
  • There are early discussions on a KBS talk show to be hosted by the F4 actors. Representatives have been quick to state that nothing is certain or has been confirmed yet.
  • Lee Min Ho is the new spokesperson for Levi’s jeans, along with Moon Chae Won (Painter of the Wind). He has many other offers on the table: an open invitation from Andre Kim (who called him “sensational”) to participate in his fashion show post-BOF; numerous commercial (CF) offers from both foreign and domestic brands; and requests from talk shows and variety programs for him to be a guest. Lee has stated that he will not appear on other shows until BOF wraps; however, he is in the midst of choosing CF projects that reflect his image.
  • KBS is concerned about the mass of illegal Boys Over Flowers videos being uploaded and watched on YouTube. The station is working with YouTube to remove all illegal material; however, they realize that for every video taken down, two or three more are popping up in its place. (Source:
  • Lee Min Ho now has an official website: Possibly due to the high traffic, there have been some technical difficulties entering the site. There is also a Japanese version of his site.
  • Music overload? 1) Netizens are complaining about the excessive and inappropriate use of songs throughout the show. 2) A second Boys Over Flowers soundtrack (OST) will likely be released soon. 3) The F4 boys may sing a song on the show together.
  • Lee Min Ho revealed that he has a metal rod in his leg due to a severe automobile accident several years ago. In fact, he had to pass on a part in Swallow the Sun (a.k.a. All in 2) because he cannot take action roles due to his injury. He is planning to undergo surgery to remove the metal rod after BBF wraps. (Source:
  • Kim Beom is being commended for his good sense (“센스” – a commonly used term in Korean) because he added a quote from the drama when he signed for a fan – Kim Beom / So Yi Jung / “Isn’t this quite an interesting development?”

    Kim Beom's signature

    Kim Beom's signature


Refer to some of our previous posts for BOF spoilers of scenes to come.


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