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Preparation for My Love By My Side

The movie My Love By My Side (내 사랑 내 곁에), featuring Ha Ji Won and Kim Myung Min, starts filming next week. The plot surrounds a man who suffers from Lou Gehrig’s Disease (ASL) and the woman who loves him devotedly. Park Jin Pyo (You Are My Sunshine) is directing.

In the movie, Kim will play Jong Woo, a man who suffers from the incurable disease, yet maintains his good humour and strong pride. Ha Ji Won’s character is Ji Soo, a bright, energetic funeral planner who loves Jong Woo in spite of his condition.

Kim Myung Min

Kim Myung Min

Kim Myung Min replaced Kwon Sang Woo in this role. To prepare, Kim read dozens of books on Lou Gehrig’s Disease. His agency representative stated that Kim often does a lot of reading to study his roles. He also spent time with patients who have the disease. (He is reputed for his hard work in immersing in his characters.) On Ha’s part, she chopped off her hair that she had grown for seven years.

Ha Ji Won

Ha Ji Won

It was also just announced that Son Ga-In of Brown Eyed Girls will be making her big screen debut through My Love By My Side. She will be playing an athlete who becomes disabled through an accident. Her character and Jong Woo become acquainted when they end up sharing a hospital room.

Son Ga-In

Son Ga-In

The movie will premiere this fall.



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