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Boys Over Flowers – 2/8 Filming

Update 2: Kim Beom went through minor surgery to get stitches  on his toe, which was injured when the car he was riding (as a passenger) hit a guardrail at approximately 7am. Two others were also injured.

Update 1: Kim Beom was in yet another automobile accident (2/9 early morning). He received a minor foot injury (cut) and went to the hospital emergency room. A representative at the hospital said that despite the fact that it was a minor injury, Kim Beom will likely be admitted to rest at the hospital since this was his second accident within a week.

KP’s note: We have changed the spelling of Ji Hoo’s name to Ji Hu and Yi Jung’s to Yi Jeong, since that’s the way they’re spelled on the name plates on their desks (shown in photos). Also, please vote in the poll on the right side of the page to give us an idea of how we’re doing! You can also let us know what specific subjects (within Korean entertainment) you want us to write about by leaving a comment here!

Gyeonggi-Do Yangpyeong English Village, February 8 afternoon – filming summary (WARNING: spoilers ahead)

4:30pm – Jun Pyo goes to meet Jan Di at school, and tries to pick a fight. “Is Ga Eul more important to you? Or am I more important to you?” he asks.

5:30pm – After wrapping their outdoor shoot, the crew works quickly. Why? They haven’t finished shooting for the episodes to be broadcast this week! F4’s Shin-hwa classroom is actually located in the English village. Shooting scenes for the class begins.

6:10pm – The cast gets time for a break – however, the actors didn’t get a minute to rest, as they spent the entire time signing autographs for fans.

6:30pm – Ji Hu, Yi Jeong, Woo Bin are heading up the stairs, while Jun Pyo and Jae Ha are at the top. Jae Ha is heard apologizing to Jun Pyo. Due to the numerous NG’s (mistakes), the actors appear quite tired. However, they continue to put in their full effort. Finally, the PD cries, “Good!” and it’s a wrap! ……… for now. The cast is told that they will have to film overnight. However, the brighten up like children at the words, “Let’s go eat!”


  • There was an action scene between Jun Pyo and Jae Ha. After many takes, the PD asked them to fight with stronger force. Lee Min Ho made the cast and crew laugh when he apologized to Jung Eui Chul in advance – “Sorry. But I’m going to step on you”.

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February 8, 2009 at 6:56 pm

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