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Boys Over Flowers – Episode 12 Preview

KP’s translation of the spoiler for episode 12, available in Korean on the KBS site.  If you’re wondering why we don’t do recaps – there are enough subbers/recappers online for this program, no?

ep.12 spoiler screencaps

ep.12 spoiler screencaps

“Because Keum Jan Di is….. the moon that will eternally be by star Gu Jun Pyo’s side.
Unless a Big Bang occurs…. I will never let this moon go.” —
Jun Pyo to Jan Di

Jun Pyo shows up alone to save Jan Di, who was kidnapped by Je Ha. Je Ha and his peers deliver physical blows to Jun Pyo while holding Jan Di hostage. Although Jan Di cries out at the cruel scene, Jun Pyo bears the situation in silence without putting up any resistance.

Just as everything is about to come to an end with the F4 members rushing to the scene, Je Ha attemps his final blow on Jun Pyo. However, Jan Di throws herself in front of Jun Pyo to protect him. Although the two are in bad shape and become hospitalized, they check their feelings to each other once again.

To divert the mood, the group (F4 + friends) decides to go on a ski trip together. Jun Pyo presents Jan Di with a specially-customized necklace as a gift. However, Jan Di unconsciously loses the necklace. When Jan Di realizes she lost it [and sees how upset Jun Pyo gets], she goes out [alone] into a snowstorm to search for it. At the same time, Jun Pyo is summoned by his mother (Chairwoman Kang) becuase of a state of the group emergency. He is being dragged off by Chairwoman Kang’s employees when he hears that Jan Di is missing….



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