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Shin Ji + Solbi = The Shinbi


The Shinbi

The Shinbi

Shin Ji and Solbi have teamed up as a musical act called The Shinbi. (The name of the act obviously comes from a combination of their names.)

The project was put on hold last year and caused a further a rift in the singers’ already-fragile relationship. (It was rumoured that competitiveness and jealousy between Solbi and Shin Ji were causing problems.) However, in a recent broadcast of Intimate Note (절친노트), the two appeared together with the intention of mending their relationship. Shin Ji and Solbi then decided to  re-proceed with their duet project.

The agency said that it was easy to  recommence the project because by the time they stopped working together last year, it was already in the final stage. The song is a ballad. The Shinbi will release their yet to be named digital single on February 17.

At the news of their collaborative project, fans are saying that they are glad the two restored their friendship, and are looking forward to the single. However, some netizens have expressed skepticism, accusing them of staging their appearance in Close Note as a pre-planned marketing ploy for the single.



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