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KP’s note: Whew! So many bits of information, this post should be called Maximix instead of Minimix. Minimix will be a regular feature on KPculture to summarize some of the most recent Korean entertainment news you may be interested in. Check out Minimix 1 if you missed it.

2/8- 2/10

  • Ju Ji Hun’s star power is being credited for Don Juan‘s strong ticket sales. Although the show began on February 6, Ju’s first show will be on the 12. All of the good seats for his first performance were sold out within ten minutes of being available. Fans are even coming from Japan to catch his live performance as Don Juan, and as a bonus, check out his movie Kitchen in theatres.
Ju Ji Hun in Don Juan

Ju Ji Hun in Don Juan

  • Kim Myung Min’s manager stated in an interview that Kim Myung Min’s original weight was approximately 70-72 kilograms. However, he lost 5 kilograms since starting to film My Love By My Side; in April, he plans to lose 5 more; and then he will be given two weeks off to lose 10 more by the end of filming. This is to coincide with his deteriorating health (due to Lou Gehrig’s Disease) in the movie. The manager claimed that “these days, [Kim Myung Min] eats only two spoonfuls per meal”.
  • Kim Suna will be in the two-episode After the Wedding (결온식 후에), which will reunite her with PD Kim Yoon Chul four years after their hit drama, My Name is Kim Sam Soon. The plot will be about six former university club members who meet 15 years later at a wedding. (Update: Kim Suna is no longer part of the segment.)
  • The above-stated project is part of the massive joint Korean-Japanese telecinema production involving eight Korean directors, seven Japanese writers, and a multitude of actors to create nine or ten different segments (stories). Han Hyo Joo and Kim Jae Joong’s Heaven’s Postman is one segment of the production. Lee Soo Kyung, Ahn Jae Wook, and Kang Hye Jung have recently been confirmed to begin filming mid-February for another part, called Triangle. Cha In Pyo will star in the part A Stone’s Dream (돌멩이의 꿈), which also begins filming this month. KP’s note: More information will follow in a separate post on the project.
  • Singer Se7en’s digital single has been pushed back to debut in both Korea and the States in early March, rather than on February 14. The song is “Girls”, which features Lil’ Kim and was produced by Dark Child (who has worked with Michael Jackson and Britney Spears). YG Entertainment stated that they require more time for practice and pre-debut promotional activities. After the debut, Se7en will spend three to four months on promoting himself in the U.S., and then head to Korea to continue promotions.
  • Lee Jun Ki will be featured as a guest on the debut album of singer Sori. He will be heard rapping on her song “Pinky Finger”. In related news, Kwon Soon Ok, (famous in his own right, but also as BoA’s older brother), directed the music video for another one of her songs. Both the music video and album will debut on February 19.


  • Ivy has been credited as the lyricist for SNSD’s song, “Dear Mom”. She wrote the lyrics at the request of her boyfriend Kim Tae Sung (composer for many SM artists). It was later revealed that she was also wrote the song “The Final Gift” (“마지막 선물”) on boyband SHINee’s debut album. Credits on both songs call the lyricist “The Lighthouse” rather than Ivy or her real name, Park Eun Hye. This is being hailed as her comeback, as Ivy has been off of the public radar since late 2007, when she was bombarded with negative publicity from several “scandals”.
  • Visitors of Kwon Sang Woo and Sohn Tae Young’s baby are declaring that he is a beautiful baby who looks just like his father. The couple has yet to decide on the baby’s name, so they are still calling him “Rookie“.
  • Bi will go by the identity of The Rain in America, due to the trademark infringement complaint filed by Rain Corporation in February 2007 for his use of the name Rain. However, they have agreed (outside of court) that he may go simply by the name Rain abroad and in his acting activities. In related news, Bi will soon head to court in Hawaii to settle matters with Click Entertainment, who has sued him for $40 million USD for cancelling his June 2007 concerts. At the time, the reason given for cancellation was that Bi could not perform due to the trademark issue.

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