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Lee Min Jung’s Interview (Hankooki)

KP’s note: Her agency spells her name as Lee Min Jeong. However, we are not sure if this is correct, as even agencies are often wrong with the spelling of their stars’ English names.

Warning: spoilers ahead. She reveals quite a bit about her character….(KP’s note: maybe too much.)

Lee Min Jeong

Lee Min Jung

Lee Min Jung (Lee Min Jeong) will make her first appearance on episode 13 of Boys Over Flowers. This happens to fall on her birthday, February 16. She turns 26; 27 in Korean age.

Lee plays Ha Jae Gyeong, the only daughter of JK Group’s president and the arranged fiancee of Gu Jun Pyo. At first, Jae Gyeong actually opposes the arranged marriage between Gu Jun Pyo and herself because she has never been in love before; however, she begins to fall for him. Her character can be described as cute and funny, rather than mean or b*tchy. Jae Gyeong has an easygoing, unaffected personality.

“Although the parts I’m in haven’t even been broadcast yet, there has been a lot of misunderstanding that Jae Gyeong is a wicked character. Actually, Jae Gyeong is the one who rescues Jan Di from a pickpocketing situation in Macau, and later on the two become close friends. Although they are involved in a love triangle with Gu Jun Pyo, the character is not one that recklessly tries to break up Jun Pyo and Jan Di. She says with a laugh, “Viewers, please don’t misunderstand.”

Lee began filming for BOF last December in Macau. Even then, she expected that the show would be popular among young people; however, she had no idea that it would pass 30% in viewership ratings. Therefore, she feels a little burdened about starting halfway through the show.

Boys Over Flowers is doing really well right now. However, if viewership drops as my character enters the drama, I think I’ll be really distressed. So I’m even more tense. In Macau, I received directions to exaggerate my acting [to an extreme]. I’m also looking forward to seeing how those scenes were edited and will appear.”

One of her scenes include Jae Gyeong rowing a boat while singing “Santa Lucia” loudly and extremely off-key. They filmed this scene at various over twenty times. She even received applause from tourist bystanders.

in character as Ha Jae Gyeong

in character as Ha Jae Gyeong

Even without singing loudly in public, Lee Min Jung has been attracting a lot of  attention. As with all of the BOF cast members, netizens have been digging up her past for old photos. Since the photos have been spread online, she has received a inquiries on her looks – is it natural or surgically-advanced? Lee says that it is natural, and that she hasn’t received plastic surgery.

“When I debuted, I worried a lot about my cheek fat….however, as I got older, it disappeared naturally. Now, I worry that I lost too much [fat in my cheeks].”

Her debut was in the movie Someone Special in 2004. She has done three movies, and BOF is her fifth drama. Before this role, Lee played Yang Ji Sook, the paraplegic best friend of Go Ara’s character in Who Are You. Her character in Boys Over Flowers is a 180 degree turn from the previous one.

“Although I haven’t had many roles, I’ve been fortunate to play diverse characters. For an actor, transformation is a[n important] requirement. My fashion, hairstyles, etc. changed a lot during those transformations, which resulted in [people thinking that I had plastic surgery] from my pictures. Now, I want to be an actress that appeals [to people] through my acting [performances].”



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February 12, 2009 at 11:07 pm

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