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Off to the Army in 2009

Zo In Sung, Lee Jin Uk, and Kim Rae Won are among the pack of male actors born in the early 80’s who will head off to serve in the army beginning this year.

Zo In Sung

Zo In Sung

Zo will enlist on April 6. After six weeks of basic army training, he will be part of the Air Force band – not as an instrumentalist, but as a host/emcee for band-related events. He stated that it was his wish to serve in the entertainment division. Netizens are presuming that Zo opted for the Air Force because his father is a former  Air Force sergeant. Before he enlists, Zo will say farewell by holding fan meetings in Osaka and Tokyo on March 3 and 5 respectively.

Lee Jin Uk

Lee Jin Uk

Lee Jin Uk (Powerful Opponents / Rivals) will also enter the military in the second half of this year. He was supposed to enlist last year; however, his enlistment was delayed due to the drama project, City of Glass.

Kim Rae Won (Gourmet) will enlist in the latter half of 2009, upon completion of promotional activities for Insadong Scandal.

The sudden rush of celebrities born in 1981 (as Zo, Lee, and Kim all were) going to the army has to do with the fact that able-bodied Korean male citizens must enlist before the age of 30. Celebrities often enlist as close to the age limit as possible, assumably to take full advantage of their time in the limelight before they must withdraw from the public for almost two years without any guarantee of fame when they return.


Q: Why is it Zo In Sung, not Jo In Sung? And Lee Jin Uk instead of how I’ve always seen it – Lee Jin Wook?
A: As KP explained in
Curious, we spell celebrities’ English names as found on their personal websites or agency profiles. However, they are tagged under the most commonly used spelling of their names.


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