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Song Seung Heon’s Interview (S Diary)

On February 13’s MBC Section TV Entertainment Report S Diary, Song Seung Heon addressed the joint Daesang  that caused an uproar.

Song confessed, “To be honest, even now, I don’t think I earned that prize with my abilities.”

The MBC Drama Awards took place on December 30, 2008. When the grand prize in [male] acting was awarded as a tie to both Kim Myung Min (Beethoven Virus) and Song Seung Heon (East of Eden), outraged netizens took to the forums to express their disbelief. They felt that it was ridiculous to put Song at the same level as Kim, who had received much acclaim for his performance as Maestro Kang.

MBC Daesang winners

MBC Daesang winners

Careful not to criticize MBC outright, he explained, “Since East of Eden was such a big project involving the hard work of many crew members, I consider myself to have received the award as a representative (on behalf of) of all the staff.”

Song’s close friend, comedian and MC Shin Dong Yeop, said that Song felt sorry towards Kim Myung Min and that “Myung Min hyung” deserved to actually win the Daesang.

During the interview, Song Seung Heon spoke about the past. He explains that the actor he was at the time of Three Guys and Three Girls had no preparation for acting and was really terrible at it.

“Sometimes I see [how I was back then] on cable television. It’s to the point that if I could, I would go to the broadcasting stations and steal the tapes. Now it’s all memories,” he said with a laugh.

Song Seung Heon also admitted that he considered quitting acting after his army enlistment scandal. (Due to the fear that his career would end, he attempted to evade military service and got caught.) He wasn’t sure if he would be forgiven for disappointing the public. However, Song resolved to try again, thinking “there’s nothing I can do except for acting”.

For this reason, he worried greatly while working on East of Eden. “With this project, I wanted to show the slightly altered Song Seung Heon. Because I was scared, I worked even harder.”

Song concluded by stating, “Although I’m not brilliant, I want to be an actor who leaves a memorable impression”.

on S Diary

on S Diary



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