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JYP Music English

JYP Music English

English lecture videos by Park Jin Young (JYP) were posted online by e-learning company i-net school on February 16.

Last July, JYP Entertainment partnered with i-net school to create English learning material. JYP Music English includes two videos that are targeted at youth studying English. They are available to watch for free to any Korean citizen who registers with the website.

Park Jin Young chose Ne-Yo’s song “So Sick” to explain words and phrases in the English lyrics. He taught some important grammar points and frequently-used American expressions. JYP also told some interesting stories, such as how he met Ne-Yo and how JYP started his company in New York in difficult circumstances.

Park explained, “To students, foreign languages such as English are like a key that can lead them into a new world. Instead of studying with pressure, it is more effective to study content that they are actually interested in. [I] hope that these lectures become an opportunity for [students] to enjoy studying English.”


KP’s note: Refer below if you’re interested in the song JYP chose to analyze.

Ne-Yo – “So Sick” (song with lyrics; not MV)


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