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Tae Hee / Hye Kyo / Ji Hyun – MBC’s New Sitcom

A new MBC sitcom titled Tae Hee / Hye Kyo / Ji Hyun (태희혜교지현이) will premiere on March 2. Its target audience is women aged 30-50. Cast members include Park Mi Sun, Jung Seon Gyung, Kim Hee Jung, Hong Ji Min, Choi Eun Kyung, Sunwoo Yong Nyeo, Kim Gook Jin, Yoon Jong Shin, Moon Hee Jun, and Jang Hee Jin.


The sitcom focuses on a group of women in their late thirties and early forties who live in the same middle-class neighbourhood. They have become friends while raising children who are of similar age to each other. Although they face difficulties due to the current economic crisis, they work hard to fulfill their hopes and dreams.


The creators of the show claim that the title has nothing to do with Korea’s top female stars (Kim Tae Hee, Song Hye Kyo, Jun Ji Hyun), but was chosen because there are lots of Korean females with those names. A representative added, “Every woman is the star of her own life.”

In contrast to old ‘home sitcoms’ that focused on one or two families, the show will include the lives of many different families. The screenwriter, Kim Hyun Hee, was responsible for writing shows such as Catching a Gangnam Mother and Working Mom. PD Jeon Jin Soo directed the Nonstop series and Kimchi Cheese Smile.

Promotional videos for the sitcom will be broadcast starting on the 21. The promos will feature dozens of MBC variety show stars including Infinity Challenge MCs, Kang Ho Dong, and Lee Yoon Ji. SNSD assisted the cast in doing a “Gee” parody (shown in the picture above). It is said that MBC is throwing a lot of weight behind this project because it has not had a successful sitcom since Unstoppable High Kick.


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