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  • Lee Seung Gi and Kim Suna are new graduates. Lee completed his major in International Trade at Dongguk University, while Kim graduated from the Theatre & Film program at Kyunghee University.

    new grads Seung Gi & Suna

    new grads Seung Gi & Suna

  • Jang Hyuk has been confirmed as the male lead in The Rabbit & the Lizard (working title – 토끼와 리저드). His character’s name is Eun Seol, a cab driver who has a rare heart condition. Although gruff on the outside, he is actually rather warm and gentle. Through helping May discover her past, he finds love and hope within himself. Read below for KP’s previously posted information on the movie:

Sung Yu Ri (Hong Gil Dong) is studying English for her first movie (tentative title – The Rabbit & the Lizard) role. Filming will begin mid-February. Her character is named May, a Korean adoptee returning to her place of birth after twenty three years to find her identity. Sung began taking intensive English lessons three months ago so that she can play the role convincingly. The production company representative said that all filming will take place in Korea and most of the script will be in Korean. The male lead was cast recently, but has yet to be announced.

  • Harisu filmed a cameo for Return of Iljimae for an episode to be broadcast mid-March. She agreed to the role after receiving a “love call” from PD Hwang In Roe (pronounced Rwae). Her character is a fortune teller hired by Iljimae’s rival.
  • MC Mong confessed that he is currently in love through his Cy minihompy on February 19. He claims that his non-celebrity girlfriend is a strong Christian who has inspired him to change his ways and “turn around his rotten spirit”.

    MC Mong & his girlfriend

    MC Mong & his girlfriend

  • Ryu Siwon will star in a new drama called Style (스타일), an adaptation of the award-winning novel about journalists at a fashion magazine. He will play Park Woo Jin, a former plastic surgeon and current restaurant owner-chef. The screenplay is being written by In Eun Ah (Goong and Love Marriage).
  • Seo In Young is among the celebrities who have pledged to donate their corneas upon death, following the example set by Cardinal Stephen (Kim Sou-hwan). Cardinal Stephen passed away on February 16 due to respiratory problems.
  • Lee Jung Jae has joined Lee Sun Kyun, Min Hyo Rin, and Yoon Kye Sang on the cast of Triple. He takes on the part that was previously rumoured to be Kang Ji Hwan’s.
  • Kim Rae Won spent 12 hours in a Gangwon-do valley stream for filming of Insadong Scandal. Although the temperature was -18 and it was possible to use computer graphics to create the scene, Kim wanted to make it as realistic as possible and insisted on filming there. After completing the scene, he said that he had never felt such bitter cold in his entire life.
Kim Rae Won for Insadong Scandal

Kim Rae Won for Insadong Scandal

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