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  • Actresses Chae Lim and Jeon Min Seo (Speed Scandal) will play mother-daughter in weekend drama Good Job, Good Job. Chae Lim admitted that it felt awkward at first to hear the child actress call her “un-ni” (언니) on set, but now she feels like she really has an adorable little sister. In Good Job, Good Job, Chae Lim plays Lee Kang Joo, who is a single mom since boyfriend Yoo Ho Nam (Kim Seung Soo) left her while she was pregnant. She is now dating a younger man, Choi Seung Hyun (Um Ki Joon). Kang Joo thought she was completely over her former lover, but is shaken when Ho Nam suddenly returns. The first episode will premiere on March 14.
sisters for Good Job, Good Job

mother-daughter for Good Job, Good Job

  • Seo Taiji will hold concerts on March 14 and 15 for the release of his eighth album’s second single. The event is titled WORMHOLE and will be held at Seoul Olympic Hall. Tickets will be sold through an auction that opens on Wednesday, February 25. Teaser posters such as the one on the left below have been posted around Seoul to generate the public’s curiosity.
Seo Taiji posters

Seo Taiji posters

  • It has been discovered that actor Lee Bum Soo (Death Bell, or Gosa) is a lifetime donor to a welfare centre for the handicapped in Gangdong-gu, Seoul. Lee reportedly recommended to his On Air co-star Kim Ha Neul that she visit this centre to do research for her acting role in last year’s drama. He registered as a donor shortly afterwards, and has secretly been sending monthly donations since the beginning of 2008. Although each monthly payment installment is not a large amount, lifetime donations generally go on for thirty years; hence, he will have donated a significant sum by the end. This news came to light after he was seen dropping off gifts at the centre.
Kim Bum Soo - lifetime donor

Lee Bum Soo - lifetime donor

  • Andy will hold his first solo Taiwanese fan meeting called ‘2009 Lee Sun Ho the first new dream in Taipei’ (Lee Sun Ho = 이선호, his birth name) on March 29. It will begin at 7pm at Taipei International Convention Centre (TICC) with 30,000 fans expected to attend. Andy has already received over 1000 letters from Taiwanese fans in advance of the event. The last time he had a fan meeting in Taiwan was with Shinhwa nine years ago, to promote the group’s third album.
Andy, aka Lee Sun Ho

Andy, aka Lee Sun Ho


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