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Brian’s Marriage Consideration

Brian Joo of Fly to the Sky

Brian Joo of Fly to the Sky

Brian Joo confessed that he has a woman in mind for marriage.

Brian and Fany (Hwanhee) of Fly to the Sky were guests on March 1’s radio broadcast of May Bee’s Raise the Volume (KBS COOL FM). During the interview, DJ May Bee asked, “Are you quite forward when there’s a woman that you like?” Fany replied that he is, while Brian said, “Usually I ask through acquaintances, but there’s a woman that I currently like, so I am actively approaching her now.”

Fany added, “I think Brian is even thinking of marriage.” Brian did not deny it, but admitted that they are not officially a couple yet. “We’re not officially dating yet, but I believe things will go well.”

Brian revealed that the woman is not a celebrity and is someone he has Bible study with. He said that she is “a warm person who e-mails me good Bible verses every morning”. His friends who have met her told Brian that she seems to fit the description of an ideal partner that he had always expressed.

Relatedly, Fany was asked by DJ May Bee what his impressions of marriage are, now that he has experienced being one-half of a (pretend) married couple on the show We Got Married. He replied, “In the past, I had absolutely no thought of marriage but now I have thoughts like, ‘so this is why people get married….’. Fany explained that it was nice having someone waiting for him when he got home and someone who always considered him.

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KP’s note: Brian has stated in various interviews that his ideal partner would be Christian, pure, fun, and have a good sense of humour. He wanted someone who concentrates when it’s time to work, but definitely knows how to have fun when it’s time to play. He claimed that physical appearance is not important to him, although he would prefer if she has big eyes and is shorter than him.


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