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Upcoming Movies, Spring ’09

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Where were the following photos taken?
Kim Rae Won on set

Kim Rae Won on set

Kim Ha Neul on set

Kim Ha Neul on set

Jeong Jae Young & Jung Ryeo Won on set

Jeong Jae Young & Jung Ryeo Won on set

On the sets of spring’s most ancipitated Korean films – Insadong Scandal, Secret Couple (aka Level 7 Civil Servant), and Castaway On the Moon.

Keep reading for information on the movies!

1. Insadong Scandal (인사동 스캔들)

KP’s note: I am so annoyed that they misspelled scandal as “scandle” on the teaser poster


official poster

Premiere: April 30, 2009

Director: Park Hee Gohn

Cast: Kim Rae Won, Uhm Jung Hwa, Im Ha Ryong, Kim Jung Tae, Ma Dong Seok, Oh Jung Se

Insadong Scandal stills

Insadong Scandal stills

Summary:  The story revolves around a work of art, Byeok-an-do, and its secrets. The world of art restoration and collection goes to war when a  masterpiece that has been missing for 400 years is found. Bae Tae Jin (Uhm Jung Hwa) is a ruthless art curator who will use any means to get what she wants.  Sophisticated and cool-headed Lee Kang Joon (Kim Rae Won) is Korea’s top art restorer who attempts to solve the mystery surrounding the masterpiece.


2. Secret Couple (Level 7 Civil Servant / 7급 공무원 )blog


official poster

Premiere: April 23, 2009

Director: Shin Tae Ra

Cast: Kim Ha Neul, Kang Ji Hwan, Kang Shin Il, Ryu Seung Ryong, Chang Young Nam

Level 7 Civil Servant stills

Secret Couple stills

Summary: Soo Ji (Kim Ha Neul) is a National Intelligence Service (NIS) agent who has never failed a mission since she began her career. Jae Joon (Kang Ji Hwan) is an accountant by day and rookie secret agent by night. The two had to deceive each other while in a relationship because they could not reveal their careers. After they break up, they discover each other’s true identities when they are assigned to the same top secret mission to prevent the profileration of Russsian biological weapons.

Other: The movie is billed as a romantic action-comedy comparable to Hollywood’s Mr. & Mrs. Smith.

3. Castaway On The Moon (김씨표류기)


official poster

official poster

official poster

Premiere: May 14, 2009

Director: Lee Hae Joon

Cast: Jeong Jae Young, Jung Ryeo Won

Wandering Mr. Kim still

Castaway On The Moon still

Wandering Mr. Kim still

Castaway On The Moon still

Summary: Mr. Kim (Jeong Jae Young) attempts suicide by jumping off a bridge into the Han River.  However, he drifts onto Bahm Seom, a small uninhabited island. There, he meets Miss Kim who never leaves her tiny room that is scattered with garbage, odd books, and one kind of food. Her sole exposure to the outside world is the Internet. The movie shows their lives on the island.

Other: a) Some are making comparisons to “Shaking Tokyo”, a segment of the omnibus film Tokyo!. b) Both actors lost considerable weight for their roles. c) The photo of Jeong Jae Young and Jung Ryeo Won at the very top of the page shows them wearing matching shirts. Jung spent 18 hours preparing shirts for the cast and crew – the movie’s title on the front and the person’s initials on the back. Click here for a cute clip (in Korean) of her making and distributing the shirts.


3 Responses

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  1. Yes, a new Kim Rae Won movie! One of the best for me. A huge plus that he is so damn goodlooking. =)


    March 6, 2009 at 3:19 am

  2. can’t wait for 7 grade civil servant!! in love with kang ji hwan!! <33 kim ha neul looks fab with him though :DD


    April 7, 2009 at 8:18 pm

  3. may i know if all the films here ( Insandong Scandal, 7th grade civil servant and castaways on the moon) available somewhere on the net…. where can i watch this..???


    June 3, 2009 at 8:23 am

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