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  • Screencaps showing the use of computer graphics on We Got Married are creating a huge buzz. An observant viewer saw that Shin Sung Rok’s seatbelt was edited into the March 1 broadcast and spread the news on the internet. Following the public outcry, the show’s PD released a statement saying that it was not their motive to deceive viewers. He explained the circumstances and said that there was a period of around five minutes when nobody noticed that Shin Sung Rok had forgotten to put his seatbelt back on. They felt that it would be a negative influence on youth to show him without a seatbelt, so they used CG in the short scene.

    WGM's CGs

    WGM's CG

  • In order to better cater to its English-speaking fans, Epik High has opened up a Twitter account, YouTube account, and a website. The group’s Twitter was updated yesterday to tell fans that they’ll perform some concerts in America mid-May. Here’s the album teaser from their YouTube page:
  • Lee Ha Na (Women of the Sun) has joined the cast of figure skating drama, Triple. Her character is Lee Soo Yin, a figure skating coach who was once a great athlete herself. Outside of work, Soo Yin is full of cheer and laughter; within her job, she is very responsible and thorough. Lee Ha Na has begun taking figure skating lessons in preparation for her role. The MBC drama will air on Wednesdays and Thursdays beginning in June. It will warmly show the dreams and loves of a figure skating athlete (played by Min Hyo Rin) and three men (actors Yoon Kye Sang, Lee Jung Jae, and Lee Sun Kyun) in the advertising industry.
  • For the last week of February, Byeon Jung Soo (Olive Show 2) and her family – including her two-year-old daughter! – went to volunteer with NGO Good Neighbors in India. Beginning from 2005’s trip to Bangladesh, they go overseas annually to volunteer. Byeon’s family especially has a heart for orphaned children – they currently provide some financial support for 17 orphans around the world.

    Byeon Jung Soo's family in India

    Byeon Jung Soo's family in India

  • A world tour to Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, and the United States is in the works for Lee Jun Ki. In the latter half of 2009, Lee will hold fan concerts around the world. Just last month, he made it clear that he is not going to debut as a singer; hence, these events are more for the purposes of showing appreciation for his international fans rather than attempting to become a “world star” as Bi or Se7en are doing. In advance to the world tour, Lee will first hold a large fan concert on April 18  in Korea titled ‘Episode II’.

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