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Jung Il Woo’s Interview (Elle Girl)

Elle Girl interviewed Jung Il Woo for its March 2009 issue.

Here are some bits and pieces:

  • There were no legal issues with him switching from Triple to Return of Iljimae because he never actually signed a contract for Triple.
  • Despite the fact that it was never confirmed, Il Woo trained in skating for six to seven hours a day for almost four months. It took him a month just to correct his form for speed skating. He said that training in short track was much more difficult than doing action scenes and flying in the sky with wires as Iljimae. In the end, he could go around the rink in 10 seconds, compared to a professional male skater’s time of approximately six seconds.
  • He was really worried about whether or not he would be able to act well in a sa-geuk (historical drama).
  • After his movie My Love, he wanted some time off and withdrew himself to be alone.
  • During Il Woo’s adolescent years, he didn’t study much. He didn’t particularly feel that he had to go to university. However, he felt that it would be too unfilial of him not to go, so applied to Seoul Institute of the Arts. (He later transferred from the Broadcasting program at the Institute to Theater & Cinema at Hanyang University.)
  • He is not good with sticking to one activity for a long time. Hence, it’s quite significant that he has stayed in acting for over five years. In five years, he has never been late to his acting lessons.
  • Although he has a license, he doesn’t own a car because he thinks it’ll tempt him to go out (to “play”) more. He’s considering buying one after completing another project.
  • Il Woo takes English lessons.

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  1. coolio! il woo is hotness :DDD


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