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Shin Hye Sung’s Interview (Singles)

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Shin Hye Sung in Singles (4/09)

Shin Hye Sung in Singles (4/09)

Excerpts from Shin Hye Sung’s interview with Singles magazine:

…Shinhwa makes me feel like I’m home.

…Of course I keep in touch [with Kangta who is currently serving in the army]. I met up with him when he came out for a holiday awhile ago.

…[Lee] Jee Hoon (You Are My Destiny) was the first celebrity I became friends upon my debut. Since he and Kangta were very close, Kangta and I naturally became friends as well. I met them around the same time as meeting [Shinhwa] members, so we’ve been friends for over 10 years.

KP’s note: Lee Jee Hoon, Kangta, and Shin Hye Sung were part of k-pop project group S (for Supreme) together.

Shin Hye Sung in Singles (4/09)

Shin Hye Sung in Singles (4/09)

…I think I can do ballad best. I’d be awkward doing another genre or dancing while singing solo.

…Actually, it’s been such a long time since I’ve split up with anyone, I think the forlorn feelings of loneliness come out automatically [when I sing ballads]. (Laughter.)

…I do want to release an album of remakes (cover versions).

…Lee Seung Gi released a remake album of only songs that female singers had sung. Actually, I had thought of doing that before he came out with it [first]…. I thought, ‘Ah, I got it taken away from me’. (Laughter.)

…These days I listen primarily to my own songs. Or signed CDs that my juniors give me at broadcasting stations.

…Truthfully, I don’t like my ‘young prince’ image much either. I’m not young anymore… Because of that image, people expect me to be quiet and delicate but I’m not. I think [people’s] perception of me and my real self are very different.

…There’s many singers that I want to be like – Lee Seung Chul, Shin Seung Hun, Lee Seung Hwan…

Shin Hye Sung in Singles (4/09)

Shin Hye Sung in Singles (4/09)

Shin Hye Sung in Singles (4/09)

Shin Hye Sung in Singles (4/09)

Interviewer: Andy filmed We Got Married. If you were to appear on that show, who would you like as your partner?

Anyone’s ok. (Laughter.) Since it’s a reality show, I suppose it would have to be a woman that suits me in order for it to be fun. But to name her…..

Interviewer: SNSD (Girls’ Generation)?

They’re too young. I’d like to do [the show] with someone who is [closer to my age], womanly, and domestic. Think carefully about it.

Interviewer: Whoooooo? Is your ideal type very feminine?

A person is truly composed (self-possessed) and womanly.

Shin Hye Sung in Singles (4/09)

Shin Hye Sung in Singles (4/09)

Source: Singles – the full interview can be found in Singles’ April issue


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