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Michelle Wie’s Interview (Vogue)

KP’s note: Ok, so she’s not actually kpculture-related. Nevertheless, here are a few quotes and photos from her interview with Vogue.

Michelle Wie in Vogue (4/09)

Michelle Wie in Vogue (4/09)

I’ve grown up looking through Vogue [magazines] since I was young. When looking at the smiling models, I’d think how beautiful they are and feel happy. These days I purposely change my style each day. I even dress in hippie and punk fashions; it’s really fun to get dressed. I like Agyness Deyn because she’s boyish and Tyra Banks because she’s sexy. Fashion is what I like best, next to golf. When I travel, I purchase a copy of a fashion magazine such as Vogue to read. I like Chanel, as well as Louis Vuitton.

Michelle Wie in Vogue (4/09)

Michelle Wie in Vogue (4/09)

I think getting a lot of exercise from when I was young helped my body figure to be healthy and have balance. I really like vegetables and fruits. It’s exciting to boil lettuce, brocolli, and green beans and make it to eat like a green papaya; I also really like mushrooms and chicken breast. You see, I like the kinds of food that people have to force themselves during diets. On the other hand, I like things that are unhealthy to the body too. Like chocolate and cookies. I cannot drink milk or eat some things such as eggs or cake because of allergies. Hence, I get sick when eating American food, but when I eat Korean or Japanese food, both my [stomach] and mind feel comfortable.

Michelle Wie in Vogue (4/09)

Michelle Wie in Vogue (4/09)

I like tall guys. My height is 183 centimetres, so he must be taller than that. A guy that is self-confident, self-aware, and fun…. the basketball player that I was [linked to] at Stanford, Robin Lopez, is just a friend.We were really surprised when reports broke out the scandal.

I was fortunate to be born in Hawaii. When living in Hawaii, I always wanted to get out of from the small village to a big city but now, there’s nowhere I miss likeĀ  Hawaii. The weather is good, the people are good. Plus, President Obama came out of a Hawaiian school. I’m proud that he’s my school senior.

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