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So Ji Sub’s Interview (Allure)

Allure interviewed So Ji Sub for April’s Beauty feature.

So Ji Sub in Allure (4/09)

So Ji Sub in Allure (4/09)

Allure: You’ve become the main model for a cosmetics brand that is said to only be advertised by top stars. How does being a cosmetics brand model make you feel?

SJS: I feel good about the experience. Personally, Vonin is a brand that I have liked because in addition to the basic skincare products such as toner and lotion, it offers diverse products like sunblock and maskpacks. They say Vonin’s brand concept is “gentle charisma” (“부드러운 카리스마”), what do you think – doesn’t it suit me well? (Laughs.)

KP’s note: Vonin’s slogan is actually “Invisible Charisma” (보이지 않는 카리스마) so I’m not sure if that’s different from the concept, or if So Ji Sub made a mistake.

So Ji Sub in Allure (4/09)

So Ji Sub in Allure (4/09)

Allure: Anything that has the word “charisma” in it suits [you] well.
There was word that you had a hard time while filming the advertisement for the cosmetics.

SJS: Filming began late at night and continued until dawn so I was a little tired, that’s all. It was because we had to film at a fitness club at a time when there would be no people. The shoot generally involved weight training, so it was enjoyable and comfortable. Exercising scenes are comfortable for me because I actually enjoy working out a lot.

So Ji Sub in Allure (4/09)

So Ji Sub in Allure (4/09)

Allure: What kind of exercise do you enjoy?

SJS: I continue to swim and do weight training, which I’ve done since a long time ago. Whether the circumstances permit it or not, exercise is something I do whenever I get the time. Although I haven’t been able to go as often due to filming for the drama (Cain and Abel), whenever I get have time, I immediately think “I should go exercise”.

So Ji Sub in Allure (4/09)

So Ji Sub in Allure (4/09)

Allure: It seems like workout mania. Although when seeing your body, it’s understandable. How much would one have to exercise to get a body like that?

SJS: It’s not easy to answer “how much”. When people ask, I respond, “Just exercise whenever you have time”. As a rule, I exercise whenever I have spare time; however, in order to do that, you have to actually enjoy exercising. If you just have the mentality that “I have to lose this much weight” or “I want this kind of body”, you are only focusing on the result so it’s easy to get sick and tired of it. Aside from such, if you just do it cheerfully as a habit, you’ll find yourself built in no time.

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  1. He’s very popular especially in Japan but i don’t know why i don’t like him even though I watched MiSa & liked it !


    March 27, 2009 at 1:00 pm

  2. Si Ji Sub is really charismatic


    April 4, 2009 at 9:28 am

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