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  • Actor Ji Sung (New Heart) has been spending nine hours a day for the preparation of his leading role as Kim Jung Woo in the SBS drama, Swallow the Sun. For the past four months, he has been training in scuba diving, weight training, taekwondo, boxing, and security patrol. He also bought a motorcycle in order to practice riding for the role.
    Ji Sung left for Johannesburg, South Africa with the cast and crew on March 26 to film in temperatures over 34 degrees Celsius. They will then relocate to Las Vegas, U.S.A. for further overseas filming. Swallow the Sun, commonly referred to as All In 2, will be broadcast starting July of this year.

    Ji Sung on set

    Swallow the Sun - Ji Sung on set

  • Solbi, Seung Ri, and Dae Sung have stepped down from their hosting duties on MBC Show! Music Core. The March 28 broadcast was their last since debuting on the program in May of 2008. Tiffany and Yuri of Girls’ Generation (SNSD) will take over as Music Core hosts on April 4.
    Music Core - ex-hosts, Seungri, Solbi & Daesung

    Music Core - ex-hosts

    Music Core - new hosts

    Music Core - new hosts

  • YG Entertainment has announced that Big Bang will not take on any activities this coming May. For the first time since their debut in 2006, the group’s members will have an entire month off for refreshment (as opposed to rest). Although the group as a whole will be on break, each member will still likely be busy. Dae Sung will continue his participation in Family Outing and T.O.P will be filming for IRIS. G-Dragon plans to spend a month travelling in Europe to explore fashion trends. Tae Yang and Seung Ri are scheduled to receive training from famous dancers and choreographers in America. Big Bang will then reunite to spend June and July in Japan, focusing on work again.
  • SNSD’s Yuri shed tears in K.Will’s music video for the title song (“눈물이 뚝뚝”) of his new mini-album. Although this was her first time in a crying scene, Yuri said that tears flowed automatically as she heard the song. K.Will’s album, which was released on March 31, also includes the duet he recorded with Tiffany – “Girl, Meets Love”.

    "눈물이 뚝뚝" MV - Yuri

    "눈물이 뚝뚝" MV - Yuri

  • Actor Ju Ji Hun and director Min Kyu Dong attended the Tokyo premiere of their movie, Antique, on March 30. Ju apologized to the crowd that the three other leads (Kim Jae Wook, Yoo Ah In, Choi Ji Ho) could not make it. The movie is based on Fumi Yoshinaga’s Japanese manga, Antique Bakery, which depicts the lives of four male employees at a bakery.

    Antique - Tokyo premiere

    Antique - Tokyo premiere

  • On March 28, the Wonder Girls held their first full concert in Korea. ‘The 1st Wonder’ was a success with 8000 people (including their close friend, Park Tae Hwan) in attendance at the Olympic Fencing Arena. In addition to singing many of their hits, each member also performed a solo portion – Ye Eun, the famous “Killing Me Softly”; Sunye, “Ilwoljiga / Sun and Moon” (“일월지가”); Sohee, Beyonce’s “Single Ladies”; Sun Mi, “Invitation”; and Yubin, Justin Timberlake’s “SexyBack”. Special guests 2AM performed their second single, “A Friend’s Confession”.
    'The 1st Wonder' - Wonder Girls

    'The 1st Wonder' - Wonder Girls

    KP’s note: Oh my goodness. The Wonder Girls use(d) Twitter. Click here for their MySpace site, which provides links.

  • Tablo’s response to a journalist asking, “Which person symbolizes people in their twenties?”:

Umm, Big Bang? […] It’s a sincere answer. Big Bang is like the twentysomething generation. Out of them, Dae Sung is most like [it]. He’s not completely grown up yet, but he tries this and that without fear, and it’s good to see him enjoying himself whether he wants to something or not. Those in their twenties by nature don’t really know what their doing.


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