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Han Ji Hye’s Interview (Nylon)

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Here are some photos and excerpts from Han Ji Hye’s interview with Nylon magazine in March.

Han Ji Hye in Nylon (3/09)

Han Ji Hye in Nylon (3/09)

Nylon: What did the actress Han Ji Hye gain the most through this drama (East of Eden)?
HJH: I received an acting award and was able to present Han Ji Hye to the mass public. I’m pleased because my parents really liked it. I’m most happy that as an actress, I was able to widen my acting spectrum.

Han Ji Hye in Nylon (3/09)

Han Ji Hye in Nylon (3/09)

Nylon: I’ve heard from a lot of photographers that your poses are good. Do you prefer photo shoots or interviews?
HJH: I like shooting, but I like talking more. Although I like interviews as well, when I laugh and talk away with people that I’m close to, I feel like my thoughts become¬† organized. For posing, I practiced and studied from a long time ago by looking at the mirror to take photos of myself. Then one day when I was in my room alone, I set up a camcorder in one corner – I like to laze around and play by myself like this in my room –¬† and read books, talked, drew, and just stored my everyday life [onto video]. At first I was conscious of the camera, but later I forgot about it. When I rewound the video and viewed it, I realized that I actually looked more like me and prettier during parts when I was natural and not conscious of the camera. Seeing myself outside of television broadcasts had a significant impression on me. If before I had bigger motions and a model-like poses, now you could say that I’m more comfortable?

Nylon: If you were to appear on the catwalk, which brand would you most want to walk for?
HJH: Mm, Chanel!

Nylon: Although [you] are an actress, you’re also beginning to be recognized as a fashionista. Which fashion designer or brand do you think suits you best?
HJH: I like Isabel Marant best. I like how the colours don’t stand out and it’s slightly vintage. I also wear Dolce&Gabbana accessories quite a bit. I bought a jacket and coat, but unlike [typical] Dolce&Gabanna, the design is simple so I think I’ll be able to wear them for a long time. Usually [D&G] has a lot of flashy animal print styles that make me think, ‘Oh man, how can I wear this?’ but it makes me happy to put a finishing touch on my outfit with a [D&G] bangle, brooch, or necklace.

Han Ji Hye in Nylon (3/09)

Han Ji Hye in Nylon (3/09)

Nylon: Have you ever read an article written about you and felt, ‘This isn’t me’ or ‘This is me?’?
HJH: While filming East of Eden, I did a lot of interviews for daily news but a bit ago, an article came out where the journalist attached the title of ‘I want to become a more impressive woman’. Truthfully, it wasn’t the image of who Han Ji Hye is now, but the Han Ji Hye that I want to become in the future. Thanks to the journalist, I got a text message from [Jung] Ryeo Won unni that day. ‘Ji Hye, you’ve really become mature during the time I haven’t been able to see you. I learned a lot.’

Han Ji Hye in Nylon (3/09)

Han Ji Hye in Nylon (3/09)

Nylon: Excluding acting, what activity gives you the most pleasure or do you spend the most time on?
HJH: I’ve been studying shoe design. I attend design class two or three times and follow the instructor to a factory in Seongsu-dong and make some samples as well. Since this is a new challenge, it was a little awkward at first, but now it’s so much fun. I’m also taking photos and writing about it to release a book [later]. Ah, I also have plans to do a music project.

Nylon: If your daily schedule continues to be busy, you’re sure to get stress – what do you about it?
HJH: I exercise. If that doesn’t work, I just read a book quietly. Through that, I can regain control of my mind.

Han Ji Hye in Nylon (3/09)

Han Ji Hye in Nylon (3/09)

Nylon: What would you say is your best quality?
HJH: That I can say, ‘This is why I like myself’ or ‘This is why I believe in myself’ – I’m truthful. Also, when dating and breaking up with someone, I don’t make the other person regret dating me or be disappointed with memories of me. Even if we break up, the other person at the very least has the heart to think, ‘Still, Ji Hye was a good girl. She was a decent person. I’m sure she’s doing well.’

Nylon: What would you fill the blank with in the following sentence: ‘I want to become a _____ actor’.
HJH: Honest and wise.

Other bits of information:

  • She begins each morning with a prayer.
  • She likes wearing miniskirts.
  • Although she’s shy by nature, she has worked very hard to overcome it for work purposes
  • If Ji Hye wasn’t an actor, she expects that she’d be studying abroad right now.
  • Her hands and feet are her physical complex.

Source: NYLON


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  1. Thanks so much for the trans…the more i read her interviews..the more i like the person that she is.


    April 7, 2009 at 3:24 am

  2. the blue short suit is what Jandi wore at the ending of BOF! lols. Yes self proclaimed BFF addicted suffering from withdrawal!

    HJH alway looks great!


    April 8, 2009 at 5:04 pm

  3. I’d like to carry her doughnuts.

    Dong Hung Lo

    January 6, 2010 at 1:19 am

  4. i love han ji hye .


    October 11, 2010 at 4:00 pm

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