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  • UPDATED (4/11): PHOTOS!
    Kim Myung Min's current appearance

    Kim Myung Min's current appearance

    Kim Myung Min's current appearance

    Kim Myung Min's current appearance

    Kim Myung Min’s weight is currently down to 58 kilograms (at a height of 180 centimetres) for his role in My Love By My Side. He is showing symptoms of hypoglycemia. People around him are worrying about his health, as Kim is looking and feeling weaker with each day; even the producers are no longer telling him to lose more weight. Kim’s acquaintances are hoping that he maintains his health while keeping his current weight until the end of filming.

  • Click to see part 1, part 2, and part 3 of an ISplus photo exclusive of Girls’ Generation in Thailand. The girls (minus Yoona) were there to perform at the Pattaya International Music Festival. Their fellow SM group, SHINee, was also invited to perform.
  • Lee Jun Ki released a teaser video for his song and MV, “J Style”.
  • Special tickets for Park Chan Wook’s lastest film, Thirst, sold out within 10 minutes of being made available. These tickets were sold in advance for a screening on the April 30 premiere date. Each of the special tickets come with a signed copy of the script, still photos, and a movie folder. (Click here to read KP’s previous post on the movie, along with stills and a trailer.)

    Thirst - poster

    Thirst - poster

  • Celebrity couple Sean and Jung Hye Young have announced that they will be donating a portion of Jung’s salary for Return of Iljimae to the Social Welfare Society. The donation will be made in the name of their unborn child, Ha Yul (which means God’s Law). They found out about her pregnancy while she was filming the drama, which completed its run on April 9.

    Sean & Jung Hye Young

    Sean & Jung Hye Young

  • Park Ye Jin (Family Outing) has been cast in Queen Seon Duk as Princess Chun Myung, the twin sister of Princess Duk Man (Lee Yo Won). She will join the cast in filming at the end of April, following the end of her current drama, Hateful but Once Again.
  • An astounding 65,000 copies of Jo Sung Mo’s seventh album, Second Half, were sold on the day of its release.


    Jo Sung Mo

  • Younha released a teaser for a track off her upcoming album. “1,2,3” is the fourth track of peace love & ice cream.
  • Tony An has taken over as a DJ for the Korea Forces Network’s long-running radio program, 주고 싶은 마음 듣고 싶은 얘기 (literal translation: The Heart I Want to Give, the Stories I want to Hear). His first broadcast was on April 6 from 6pm to 8pm. After quietly enlisting in November of 2008, An is also an MC for a military TV program, Work Plus Success (일 플러스 성공).


    Tony An


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