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Lee Jun Ki’s Episode II

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Lee Jun Ki

Following a press conference in the afternoon, Lee Jun Ki successfully hosted a fan concert titled ‘Episode II The Mask’ on the evening of April 18. Approximately 4000 fans (some reports say up to 6000) from various Asian countries gathered at Olympic Park’s Fencing Stadium for the follow-up event to 2006’s Episode I.  The mask theme reportedly stood for the 1000 faces that Lee Jun Ki has to have as an actor.

Lee made his grand entrance by being lowered onto the stage from a wire. His martial arts skills were revealed through a short performance showing “the king’s return”. He then continued on to deliver a powerful singing and dancing performance. He sang songs of various genres, including Dae Sung of Big Bang’s trot song, “Look at Me, Gwi Soon” – changed to “Look at me – Jun Ki”.

Special guest was Poppin Hyun Joon, a hip-hop singer and breakdancer who was also part of Episode I. (Lee Jun Ki was also featured on Poppin Hyun Joon’s 2007 debut album, One & Only.)  The two displayed their breakdancing abilities and flexible movements.

The show’s highlight was the official premiere of the music video for his single, “J-Style”. It was also the final song of the concert.

Following the concert, there was a short break before the fan meeting began. Comedian Park Hui Soon was the event’s MC and led activities such as ‘Ask Lee Jun Ki BEST 5’, ‘Make My Wish Come True BEST 3’, and ‘Lee Jun Ki X-File’. Lee also blew out candles on a cake to celebrate his 27th birthday, which was the day before. While he sang a song that he had written called “The Giving Tree” (likely based on the famous book by Shel Silverstein), the name of each fan attending the show appeared on the screen behind him.

After the curtain fell, fans chanted “Lee Jun Ki, Lee Jun Ki”, which led to him coming back on stage to sing two more songs. Finally, he closed off the evening by promising, “I’ll return in the future as a greater character”.

In related news, Lee Jun Ki’s single album comprising of four tracks will be released on April 20.

Source: Newsen


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April 19, 2009 at 2:00 am

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