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A Notice from YG, 4/30/09

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On April 30, YG Entertainment CEO Yang Hyun Suk posted a notice on the company website to address rumours and plans regarding G-Dragon and 2ne1. Keep reading for details of Yang’s message regarding G-Dragon’s slump, G-Dragon’s legitimacy as a composer, and 2ne1’s debut plans.

Yang Hyun Suk, CEO of YG Entertainment

Yang Hyun Suk, CEO of YG Entertainment

Regarding G-Dragon’s solo album……

Unfortunately, the scheduled April release of Ji Yong’s solo album has been pushed back.

According to Yang Hyun Suk, he began hearing from various people about two months ago that Ji Yong (G-Dragon) was having a hard time. He called Ji Yong in for a consultation and saw worse-than-expected symptoms of a slump or depression. Ji Yong was experiencing significant mental and physical fatigue, stemming from the fact that Big Bang has never received a rest period since the group’s debut in 2006. The stress surrounding the release of his first solo album was likely another factor.

The CEO acknowledges that there was also insufficient time to work on Ji Yong’s solo album due to Big Bang’s preparations for the June release of their Japanese album, on top of fulfilling various endorsement contracts.

Seeing how Ji Yong was struggling made Yang extremely sorry for not giving him ample time nor considering the circumstances, yet always expecting good results. On the spot, Yang told Ji Yong to take as much time as he needed to prepare for his solo project. Ji Yong was also instructed to step back from his producing duties for 2ne1’s debut album.

About a month later, Ji Yong was back to his usual bright (cheerful) self. On his accord, he is working hard these days on the album’s final stages. With seven definite tracks, they are anticipating that it will be a mini-album. CEO Yang is extremely satisfied with the album’s contents. The feeling of the songs are different – possibly because G-Dragon worked with a new group of producers – yet express Kwon Ji Yong’s music style very well.

To visualize and plan for the album’s style, Ji Yong left for an eight-day European vacation on April 29. Although work on the album is almost complete, it will likely not be released until August, following Big Bang’s activities in Japan over June and July. CEO Yang asks that G-Dragon’s fans be understanding of the delay, and look forward to the album.

G.Dragon, leader of Big Bang

G.Dragon, leader of Big Bang

Misunderstandings about Kwon Ji Yong’s compositions……

As most of the songs that Ji Yong has participated in the composition of were in co-operation [with somebody else], it seems that small misunderstandings and rumours are persisting to follow us around.

Yang Hyun Suk wants to clarify that G-Dragon is 100% responsible for the melody, rap, and lyrics of all songs that are credited to him. Because of the fact that G-Dragon is listed as a co-composer on many songs, there have been rumours that his name is simply being added on the credits of songs that are composed mostly by the other co-composer. People have questioned, “How can [G-Dragon] compose when he can’t even arrange [music]?”

Composers that work with YG have a strong tendency to create musical accompaniments before the melody. These professionals can produce two or three musical accompaniments or beats a day. From a collection of hundreds of musical accompaniments that the composers produce, Ji Yong chooses the ones that he likes and usually takes them home to work on. After creating the melody and lyrics, he comes to the YG studio to record a demo alone. (The same can be said about the songs T.O.P has worked on.) If the songs is chosen as a candidate for an album, the members of Big Bang meet to discuss their opinions and then go into practice and record.

Yang says that it is a win-win strategy for both the composers and G-Dragon to collaborate. He expresses hope that there will no longer be such misunderstandings or rumours regarding legitimate credits.

Plans for 2ne1’s official debut……..

2ne1’s official debut song and first title track, “Fire”, is set to be publicized as a digital single this coming May 6.

2ne1’s title track, “Fire”, is largely the work of Park Hong Joon, better known as Teddy. Teddy was previously the main rapper for disbanded YG group 1TYM, and is now YG’s main music producer and a hit songwriter-composer. Songs written and composed by him include Taeyang’s “Look [Only] At Me” and Uhm Jung Hwa’s “Disco”. Teddy not only wrote and composed “Fire”, he also served as a producer for the music video and oversaw the fashion style.

Yang Hyun Suk is unable to list one particular genre for the song, but describes it as a “fast hip-hop track with a flavour of reggae”. The overall rhythm is maintained with African-like percussions.

The MV is choreographed by Sean and Amy (credits include Taeyang’s “Look At Me”) and directed by Seo Hyun Seung. CEO Yang claims that they received satisfying results by working with the best staff in each field.

Short preview clips of the song will be released every day starting May 1, leading up to the full track and two music videos being released on May 6. Yang guesses that they are the first in the world to shoot two wholly different music videos for the exact same song (without a remix or re-edit).

2ne1’s first live television appearance will be on May 17’s broadcast of SBS Inkigayo.

Ten songs have already been recorded for an album; however, YG thought that it would be best to only release “Fire” first because it best reflects 2ne1’s representative image. A mini-album will come out in July and a full-length album will be released in October (tentative).

2ne1 is YG’s first girl group since 2002’s Swi.T. As 2ne1 has been preparing for four years in advance of their debut, CEO Yang Hyun Suk asks for everyone to support and cheer the group on.

2ne1, girl group of YG Entertainment

2ne1, girl group of YG Entertainment

Source: YG Entertainment


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