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Lee Jung Jae & Min Hyo Rin Talk Triple

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With the premiere of MBC’s Triple less than two weeks away, leads Lee Jung Jae and Min Hyo Rin discussed the drama during the cast’s poster photo shoot.

Lee Jung Jae as Shin Hwal

Lee Jung Jae as Shin Hwal

Lee Jung Jae plays Shin Hwal who is great at his job and cool in relationships. On the other hand, the actor admitted that he’s quite the opposite when it comes to love: “I’m generally sentimental with a devoted personality so I can’t be that cool (unaffected)”. He said that he is sometimes frustrated by how his character doesn’t express himself honestly – even with his ex-wife and stepsister: “Since he’s not a character like Hyun Tae (Yoon Kye Sang) who expresses his true emotions, the scenes where [Hwal] suppresses his emotions and gets angry are difficult.”

Lee commented on the compability with his male co-stars, Yoon Kye Sang and Lee Sun Kyun. “[They’re] fun, good people so we have a good rhythm and are comfortably acting together,” he said. Lee also praised his female co-stars saying, “Plus, Lee Ha Na has her own unique style when acting. Min Hyo Rin also acts naturally (well) although she is young. That’s why – regardless of their age – I consider [the cast members] as ‘acting colleagues’ rather than my acting seniors or juniors.”

Prior to receiving the script, Lee Jung Jae had never watched PD Lee Yoon Jung’s hit drama, Coffee Prince. However, he proceeded to watch the entire mini-series in three to four days and was impressed enough to accept the casting offer shortly afterwards. This is his first time working with a female PD.

Min Hyo Rin as Lee Ha Ru

Min Hyo Rin as Lee Ha Ru

Novice actress Min Hyo Rin had never skated before taking on the role of Lee Ha Ru for Triple, which resulted in lots of falls and even a scar on her left leg from a fellow skater’s skate blade.

The biggest difficulties she faced were “having to become familiar with difficult techniques when I hadn’t even properly learned the basics of skating, and having to continually battle the cold inside the rink during winter”. Her daily exercise regime included running eight kilometres in 30 minutes like a real athlete, weight training, and of course, skating.

Interestingly, Min Hyo Rin has been filming many scenes without any make-up on. “Ha Ru is 18 in the [drama], and the director likes natural fresh faces so I’m filming [with no make-up],” she explained. Min also added that “Director Lee Yoon Jung doesn’t like calculated acting”.

Min thinks that her actual personality and Ha Ru’s are quite similar. She expressed her hope for the drama saying, “I’d like it if the energy of bright and innocent Ha Ru could be conveyed well to viewers”.

Source: StarNews, Kuki News


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