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  • A spokesperson for Family Outing announced that the show will undergo some major changes as it hits its one year mark in June. One such change includes Lee Chun Hee and Park Ye Jin’s departure from the variety show. The two chose not to renew their one-year contracts in order to focus on their acting careers. They will film their final trip at the beginning of next month. The spokesperson was also admitted that the show is in discussions with actors Park Hae Jin (East of Eden) and Park Shi Yeon (The Slingshot) to replace “Chunderella” and “Sweet & Savage Ye Jin Mistress”.

    Lee Chun Hee & Park Ye Jin

    Lee Chun Hee & Park Ye Jin

  • Choi Chul Ho and Lee Ha Nui (better known as Honey Lee, Miss Korea 2006) have been added to the main cast of Partner (파트너). Choi will play Lee Young Woo, a ruthless attorney who boasts a 100% win rate. He is a genius who has rapidly climbed up to become the successor of a large law firm, Haeyoon. Lee’s character is Han Jung Won, a colleague of Eun Ho (Kim Hyun Joo) and Tae Jo (Lee Dong Wook). She is a beautiful lawyer with outstanding abilities and such a strong personality that one would think she has no blood nor tears.

    Choi Chul Ho and Lee Ha Nui

    Choi Chul Ho and Lee Ha Nui

  • A representative of the war movie 71 confirmed that Kim Beom has dropped out of the project due to scheduling conflicts. Kim is filming Flight (비상) with Kim Byul until the end of June, at which time he must begin shooting Dream.

    Flight - still (Kim Beom)

    Flight - still (Kim Beom)

  • Upcoming SBS drama Dream (드림) is finalizing its cast. Actress Choi Yeo Jin will make her return to the small screen from last year’s My Woman. She has been cast as PD Jang Soo Jin who works for a broadcasting station.
    Choi Yeo Jin

    Choi Yeo Jin

    It appears that some English will be spoken in the drama with models Marcos Benjamin Lee and Julien Kang joining  Dream‘s cast. Both will likely be playing mixed martial arts athletes as both have some experience and interest in the area. Interestingly, Julien Kang has had a first hand look at the competitive sport as the younger brother of a top MMA fighter. Dream is set to begin filming in June for a summer premiere.
    KP’s note: I thought that the drama was titled Dream simply because it was about the fulfilment of a dream or something. However, it turns out that Dream is also the name of an MMA organization. The Fighting and Entertainment Group (FEG) – the leading Japanese combat sport promoter and parent company to Dream – is investing in the production of the drama. Hence, there are plans for it to be broadcast on TBS in Japan.

  • Wheesung and Park Jung Hyun (a.k.a Lena Park) will be performing as part of The Blue Ribbon Presents Global Pop’s second year. At 8pm on June 19, the two pop/R&B singers will kick off the three-concert series at Walt Disney Concert Hall. Click here for more information (in English).

    Wheesung, Park Jung Hyun

    Wheesung, Park Jung Hyun

  • In April, Yoo and his fans from internet community DC Inside raised ₩23,800,000 through a fundraising campaign. It was decided that this money would be put toward setting up a kindergarten in Nepal this coming October. A source close to the actor said that Yoo would go to Nepal for the opening ceremony and return after participating in a variety of volunteer activities along with some fans.
    Yoo Ji Tae

    Yoo Ji Tae

    Yoo is currently playing twins in the film Bimilae (비밀애) with Yun Jin Seo. His fourth directorial project, Invitation, will be screened at the sixth annual Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia held in Japan early June.


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  1. i am the FO fan’s from malaysia…i feel so sad to watch FO without clumsy chunhee and sweet yejin…


    May 29, 2009 at 4:17 am

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