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He said, she said:

  • 2ne1 was the featured guest on June 2’s broadcast of Park Kyung Rim’s Starry Night radio show. Members revealed that their group name was decided upon only a few hours ahead of their debut. Other names they had considered were Tsunami, Cool Chicks, YG Girls, and Yangssa’s Kids.



  • Actress Han Ga In appeared on SBS 생방송 한밤의 TV연예 and told how pleased her husband, actor Yeon Jung Hoon, was while telling her that she was voted as the #1 ‘Female Celebrity Off the Market”. Continuing on, she said, “I wish Yeon Jung Hoon was chosen as the #1 ‘Male Celebrity Off the Market’. In my opinion, he completely is…Next time, I hope that we’ll be chosen [together].” Regarding domestic life and household work, Han said that she’s good at cleaning and organizing. She has also been working on her cooking skills. “My husband especially likes the fried rice that I make for him. Yeon Jung Hoon doesn’t like vegetables so I have to secretly put in vegetables like eggplant into food as one would do to children in order for him to enjoy eating [the vegetables],” she revealed. Although Han watched each and every episode of East of Eden (which was Yeon’s first post-military project), she flips the channel when he has sentimental scenes with female co-stars because “at that moment he seems like a different person when he’s actually my husband”.

    Han Ga In

    Han Ga In

  • Harisu opened a club last month in Apgujeong-dong to provide a fun, safe atmosphere for transgendered people such as herself. Korea’s most famous transgender wrote on her minihompy, “There were heartbreaking incidents of friends and juniors committing suicide in 2008. I in the midst of trying to create a lovely environment for people like us who experience the same pain and alienation.”

    Harisu's Mix Trans Club

    Harisu's Mix-Trans Club

  • On June 3’s broadcast of Golden Fishery – Radio Star, Tablo expressed confidence in his relationship saying, “I am positive that [Kang Hye Jung] is the love of my life.”
    Kang Hye Jung, Tablo

    Kang Hye Jung, Tablo

    KP’s note: I guess Kang Hye Jung’s English name is April?


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June 3, 2009 at 8:43 pm

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