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Kim Rae Won [Not] Heading Into Sports Drama

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Kim Rae Won

Kim Rae Won

KP’s note: The English title will likely NOT be the literal translation that I used – Heading on Bare Ground. Actually, 맨 땅에 헤딩 – pronounced maen ddangae heading –  is a Korean expression that means diving head first into something even without sufficient resources, preparation, or skill. Judging from the drama’s synopsis, the expression fits. “Heading” is also a soccer term for hitting the ball with one’s head.

Update (7/10):

To the disappointment of many fans, Kim Rae Won has declined the part and will instead enlist in the army next month. The production is seeking a replacement for the lead role.

Original post (7/1):

Before heading off to the army, Kim Rae Won is expected to star in Heading on Bare Ground (맨 땅에 헤딩), a soccer-themed drama showing the lives of professional athletes and their agents.

A representative of Kim’s own management agency, Bless Entertainment, stated that the actor is seriously considering the project and they are near the end of final negotiations. “The final decision will likely be made within the next week,” he confirmed.

If Kim Rae Won takes on this role, he will play Cha Bong Gun, an athlete on a soccer farm team whose skills are lacking for his dream of making it to the English Premier League. Kim is reportedly quite athletic, as he was active as a basketball player during his school days. Fans are greatly anticipating Kim Rae Won’s next project, as it will be his last before he goes to serve in the military for almost two years.

The drama will be broadcast by MBC in the fall, following its horror drama, Hon.

Source: Newsen


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July 1, 2009 at 2:00 pm

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