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  • Actor Lee Dong Gun received permission to postpone his army enlistment once again due to health reasons. Although he was supposed to enlist on July 26, he now has one more year before he must enlist. Lee was born in 1980, which means that he must join the army by next year since the maximum entrance age is 30. Lee Dong Gun is holding a fan meeting in Gangnam, Seoul today.
  • Kim Suna admitted on KBS2’s Guerilla Date that there was a man she wanted to marry. At the time she caught the bouquet at close friend Kim Won Hee’s wedding, she was dating someone with potential for marriage. Kim also revealed that she has agreed to go on three-on-three blind dates (called meetings in Korean) with celebrity friends Kim Jung Eun and Chae Rim.
  • Hwang Jung Eum (We Got Married) has been cast in Unstoppable High Kick 2, which will replace TaeHee/HyeKyo/JiHyun on MBC in September. She joins Lee Soon Jae, Jeong Bo Seok, Oh Hyun Kyung, and Kim Ja Ok on the sitcom.
  • Yoo Jae Suk’s appearance on Music Core increased viewership to 9.9% from its regular 5-6%. Yoo, Tiger JK, and T (Yoon Mi Rae) collaborated as Future Liger and sang “Let’s Dance”. The collaboration is part of an Infinity Challenge special featuring each of the seven members teaming up with a musical artist to create and perform a song. The other partnerships were Park Myung Soo-Jessica (SNSD), Jung Joon Ha-After School, Jung Hyun Don-Epik High, Noh Hong Chul-No Brain, Jun Jin-Lee Jung Hyun, and Gil-Yoon Do Hyun Band.
  • Jung Hyung Don and Noh Hong Chul had to do 14 takes of an underwater kiss scene during Infinity Challenge‘s 2010 calendar photo shoot. This was broadcast on July 18’s episode of Infinity Challenge.

    Jung Hyung Don & Noh Hong Chul on Infinity Challenge

    Jung Hyung Don & Noh Hong Chul on Infinity Challenge


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July 20, 2009 at 4:33 pm

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