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Ku Hye Sun’s Interview (Elle Girl)

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Ku Hye Sun in Elle Girl (8/09)

Ku Hye Sun in Elle Girl (8/09)

Actress-author-artist-composer-director Ku Hye Sun sat down for an interview with Elle Girl. Translated excerpts are beyond the jump.

Elle Girl (EG): You surprised [everyone] by publishing a novel this spring; this time it’s drawings. What are you feelings about opening your first art exhibition at La Mer Gallery?
Ku Hye Sun (KHS): I’ve thought about it from awhile ago, but I didn’t know that it would be exhibited like this. After receiving the proposal from WITH (YG Entertainment’s charity campaign), I figured it would be more meaningful to do it [like this] than by myself and proceeded quickly.

EG: I’m aware that you dreamt about entering an Arts high school back in your schooling days. How did you become familiar with pictures?
KHS: I liked drawing pictures since I was young. And my friends and I would also paint murals on our neighbourhood walls. But my skills weren’t particularly outstanding, just to the level that my teacher would occasionally post a picture I drew in art class on the classroom wall. The friends I hung out with were so multi-talented that I never thought that I grew up without thinking that I was special. But now I often hear the words, ‘Why do you do so many [activities]?’

EG: You seem like the type of student who is diligent and continually trying to learn something.
KHS: Not at all. My mother always worried about my laziness. However, I’m the type that when I decide to do something, I push forward in a short amount of time. If it took me 100 days to draw pictures, I’m actually the type to play for ninety-nine days and concentrate for one day to draw. My method is to push when the feeling comes.

EG: I heard that you completed your novel Tango while filming Boys Over Flowers. Does exceptional strength flow when you push ahead with something? Your first novel was received quite positively [considering it was done under those circumstances].
KHS: Many have asked the question, “Why is Yeon Yee (Tango’s female protagonist) so popular?”

EG: I concur. She is involved with three men.
KHS: It’s not so much that Yeon Yee is popular, but that there are phases in life when lots of toxic guys approach. And if everyone looks carefully around them, there are relationships with the opposite sex that came about with various emotions. Or please just think of it as a fantasy (laughter). I feel a progressively greater sense of responsibility every time I do something. The thought that even if the first one is unskilled, the next one has to be better. At least so that people who are watching (reading) don’t feel uncomfortable.

EG: If one looks at the back cover, there are words of recommendation from CEO Yang Hyun Suk (of YG Entertainment) and Representative Jung Seung Hye (of Morning, a film production company). Who are those two people to you?
KHS: You know publishers like it if a famous person writes the words of recommendation. Although I have many famous friends, by nature I’m not good at asking for favours. It feels burdensome to receive something for free. [With this personality,] the people that I feel most comfortable asking for favours are my family and President Yang Hyun Suk. Meanwhile, Representative Jung Seung Hye is like the manager of my life. She is the one who encouraged me to write and put me in touch with a publisher. She wrote a recommendation even before I requested one.

EG: This is sad to talk about, but Jung Seung Hye passed away this past May. Your sadness must have been great considering your special relationship; has your heart recovered now?
KHS: There were articles that said I collapsed from exhaustion at the viewing, but I’ve never collapsed. Strangely, there are many false reports such as this about me. Of course I did cry a lot. But it was a situation that had been forecast to some degree, and I didn’t think it was appropriate to sob impudently in front of the person who has left us. My heart was at peace to some degree because I was able to watch over her path to the very end.

EG: I heard that she helped you film The Madonna (유쾌한 도우미). Thanks to her, you uniquely made your [big] screen debut as a director rather than an actress.
KHS: I’m just one of countless people who dream of movies. I wrote the scenario, worked on the script, and conceived the background music on my own because it was fun, but I was lucky to get the opportunity to turn it into a movie, book, and soundtrack. To be honext, there’s not a lot that I know about the technical side of movie[-making]. I’m studying this and that, but people around me have actually told me not to learn it. That [if I do], I’ll try to do everything by myself (laughter).

Ku Hye Sun in Elle Girl (8/09)

Ku Hye Sun in Elle Girl (8/09)

EG: There were some questions raised whether the reason you were pursuing such diverse activities is because you’re not fulfilled living as an actress.
KHS: By nature, my personality isn’t satisfied with anything. Except for when I eat delicious food and say, “Ah, I’m full!” I think that no matter what I do, there’s no such thing as 100% happiness. To be honest, I’m not sure of myself. A person’s emotions are countless, change everyday, and differ depending on who you’re with. Anyhow, I do think I’m an interesting character.

EG: Film, book, picture…. I’m curious about the next project we’ll see you in.
KHS: There are plans for an album to be released. You could say that it’s a new age record; I did all of the composing and some famous musicians play the music. There’s some orchestra music, and we’re going to put in one song. (KP’s note: I believe by song she means a song with lyrics, as opposed to just instruments.) This record has been in the making for two years and the compositions were finished last year. The book and exhibition were also in the works since awhile ago, but all of the finished products were unintentionally released one after another.

EG: You composed the theme song for The Madonna. How did you come to learn composition?
Other people think that I received the benefit of private education, but our household wasn’t that well-off. However, I was heavily influenced by good teachers when I was young. The instructor at the piano academy I attended during elementary school particularly liked me, so she taught me piano at practically no cost. [She/He] let me come play the piano any time and guided me in chord, composition, and voice training.

EG: Do you receive counsel about your music from CEO Yang Hyun Suk?
KHS: Yes. I call anytime and beg, “I created a song today; please listen to it once”. But I can’t understand the music that the president makes, and [he] can’t understand the music that I make. He says, “I don’t know because it’s too difficult”, about an instrumental piano piece that I made. So he left us in charge of this album.

EG: ‘Us’ is referring to yourself and the staff, right? It seems like you enjoy working with lots of different people.
KHS: You feel more alive that way. Whatever entertainers do, they are left on their own for the results (judgment). Even when filming a drama with lots of staff, there are many cases where the criticism is just towards the actors. Because of the public eye, there’s no choice but to hide yourself. But that’s not necessary when doing other projects. I can say my opinion without discretion and argue if something doesn’t suit me. And then when the finished product comes out, we’re joyful together.

EG: There are rumours of misunderstanding that these other kinds of activities are for marketing a more elite image.
KHS: That’s definitely not true. I’m actually very ordinary. I’m the most lacking out of all of my friends. Nonetheless, I’m simply jumping into things to enjoy life without being too cautious of judgment [now]. People around me tell me often, ‘Why are you being brainwashed by society? Don’t live so modestly.’

EG: Writing literature, drawing pictures, and making music – what goal are you working towards while doing all of this?
KHS: I have no greed to earn a lot of money or attain high status. I dream of an ordinary life of barbequeing meat and drinking beer with my friends at a house with a yard. Paintings and music are […] not my life goals. Although as I do it, my greed (ambition) increases, I try not to forget my original purpose at those times. I think I’ll become unhappy if I get too attached.

Source: Elle Girl


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July 24, 2009 at 6:36 pm

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  1. All I have to say is I have a lot of respect and admiration for Ku Hye Sun.


    July 24, 2009 at 6:48 pm

  2. I admire her for trying so many forms of art. I’m glad she’s part of YG Entertainment because I doubt if she was on other company, they would give her enough freedom to pursue all these different activities. 🙂


    July 24, 2009 at 10:02 pm

  3. true, i’ve a lot of respect and admiration for her too (despite what others are saying about her on other sites) cos hey, she IS good and talented in the things she do.

    thanks KP for this!


    July 25, 2009 at 1:19 am

  4. she is just a true inspiration!! i respect her a lot because she is not just your typical beautiful korean actress out there. She is just pure with talent! she’s definitely all around, multi talented girl that is a good role model to every girl who have many dreams that they want to accomplish! Goo Hye Sun fighting!


    July 25, 2009 at 4:02 am

  5. Ku Hye Sun is the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen. She represents, I think, of everything that is Korean. I did not know that Korea can produce such a very fine actress. I came to know her by accident when I dropped-by KBS channel, as I was looking for sports news. Episode 1 was that with English sub-titles. From then on, I cried and laughed with her. Geum Jan Di must not only represent Korea but the whole of Asia. She can beat even the best of Hollywood.


    July 28, 2009 at 9:19 pm

  6. hi…i learnt lot from her…always work hard to obtain the best..only if i could get her book in english translation woulb be nice…even i dont understand korean but coz of geum jan di…. i;m falling in love in korea language…hope to see u in person…


    February 2, 2010 at 8:26 am

  7. To all that love and like Koo Hyen Sun, what a wonderful feeling that the Korean can produce such a daughter of GOD that is so multitalented, beautiful and demure, “a rare species of our creature” to those people who continually dislike her, I know the only motive is envy and who is not, for a person who is endowed with all this quality, Keep fighting Koo Hyen Sun, we really armired you…from the Philippines and please do more drama and movies with Lee MIn Ho, we are earnestly waiting for that, if you can dub also in english it would be better, if you can study in english too it will be excellent could you try, thank you for loving all your fans all over Asia and perhaps Europe and America too…lILIBETH

    lilibeth rites

    March 15, 2010 at 10:48 am

  8. shes very active for her dreams and ambition no matter what happend she will strive more to fullfill her goal in life,thats my idol with lots of confidence to follow her DREAMS!GOOD LUCK AND GOD LOVES YOU!


    May 19, 2010 at 1:29 pm

  9. She is a role model for young people. But often this kind of person generally are not satistified with themself.

    YC Chang

    April 26, 2012 at 7:10 am

  10. Ku hye sun is an amazing person who has inspired so many people all over the world.she’s so pretty ,hardworking and humble.ku hye sun-‘fighting’


    May 3, 2012 at 9:05 am

  11. I really admire her very much and i would like to know her personaly. I only watched boys over flowers and i can say i always watch it because of the role she played… She is a reall actress

    Nana Ama

    July 8, 2012 at 6:18 am

  12. Ku Hey Sun inspires every girl in the world especially the young ones today. She is a terrific role model for all the young girls in the world who have the chance to see how really brilliant actress she is, Ku Hey Sun is a great asset to Korea and the company she is working for, she is a humble and a respectful person also very pretty too. KHS makes people like myself switched an interest from playing games into watching Korean drama stories. I am a fan of hers now because i love the way she acts, she is a very talented actress. I luv her work, KHS is an absolutely smart woman, luv u KHS Fighting! All the best foe the “Angels Eye” coming soon I cant wait.


    March 27, 2014 at 1:00 am

  13. türkçe çevirilmişi – turkish version..

    Elle Girl (EG): Sen bu bahar bir roman yayınlayarak [herkesi] şaşırttı; Bu sefer çizimleri bulunuyor. La Mer Galerisi’nde ilk resim sergisini açarak hakkında duygular size nelerdir?
    Ku Hye Sun (KHS): Ben bir süre önce bu konuda düşündüm, ama ben böyle sergilendiği olacağını bilmiyordum. İLE gelen öneriyi (YG Entertainment’ın sadaka kampanyası) aldıktan sonra, ben kendim daha [böyle] bunu yapmak için daha anlamlı olacağını düşündüm ve hızlı bir şekilde ilerledi.

    EG: Ben size okullaşma gün içinde bir geri Sanatlar lisesine girme hayalini farkındayım. Nasıl resim aşina oldunuz?
    KHS: Ben genç yaşımdan beri çizim resimleri çok beğendim. Ve arkadaşlarım ve ben de bizim mahalle duvar resimlerini duvarlara boya olacaktır. Ama benim becerileri sadece benim öğretmenim bazen ben sınıfta duvara sanat sınıfında çekti bir fotoğraf göndermek istiyorum düzeyine, özellikle olağanüstü değildi. Ben dışarı asılı arkadaşlar ben özel olduğunu düşünmeden büyüdüm düşündüm asla böylece çok yetenekli idi. Ama şimdi ben sık sık ‘Neden bu kadar çok [aktiviteler] do?’ Sözlerini duymak

    EG: Siz çalışkan ve sürekli bir şeyler öğrenmeye çalışıyorum bir öğrencinin türü gibi görünüyor.
    KHS: Hiç de değil. Annem bana her zaman tembellik hakkında endişeli. Ancak, ben bir şeyler yapmak için karar verirken, ben kısa bir miktarda ileri doğru itmeyi türünü değilim. Bu resim çizmek için 100 gün sürdü, ben aslında doksan dokuz gün boyunca oyun ve bir gün çizmek için konsantre tip değilim. Benim yöntemi duygu geldiğinde bas etmektir.

    EG: Ben Boys Over Flowers filme iken sizin roman Tango tamamladı duydum. Eğer bir şey ile öne itmek istisnai gücü akıyor mu? İlk romanı oldukça olumlu [bu o şartlar altında yapıldığını düşünüyor] aldı.
    KHS: Birçok soru, sordum “Neden Yeon Yee (Tango kadın kahramanı) bu kadar popüler?”

    EG: Ben hemfikir. O üç erkek ile ilgilenmektedir.
    KHS: Bu ​​Yeon Yee popüler o kadar çok değil, ama toksik çocuklar çok yaklaştığınızda zaman hayatında fazlar olduğunu. Ve herkes dikkatlice etraflarına bakar eğer, çeşitli duygularla ortaya çıktı karşı cinsle ilişkiler vardır. Ya da sadece bir fantezi (kahkahalar) olarak bunu düşünün lütfen. Ben bir sorumluluk giderek daha büyük hissiyatını ben bir şey yapmak her zaman hissediyorum. Ilk vasıfsız olsa bile, bir sonraki sahip düşünce daha iyi olması için. En azından (okuma) izliyor insanlar rahatsız hissetmiyorum ki.

    EG: Bir arka kapak bakarsa, (YG Entertainment) CEO’su Yang Hyun Suk ve Temsilci Jung Seung Hye (Morning, bir film yapım şirketi) bir tavsiye kelime vardır. Size bu iki kişi kim?
    KHS: ünlü bir kişi tavsiye sözlerini yazıyor eğer böyle yayıncıları biliyorum. Ben birçok ünlü arkadaşlarım var olmasına rağmen, doğası gereği ben iyilik için sorarak de iyi değilim. Bu ücretsiz bir şeyler almak için külfetli geliyor. [Bu kişiliğiyle,] ben iyilik için en rahat sormamda hissediyorum insanlar benim ailem ve Başkan Yang Hyun Suk vardır. Bu arada, Temsilci Jung Seung Hye hayatımın yöneticisi gibidir. O beni yazmaya teşvik ve bir yayıncı ile temas beni koymak biridir. O benim bir talep bile önce bir öneri yazdı.

    EG: Bu ​​bahsetmek üzücü, ama Jung Seung Hye bu geçmiş Mayıs vefat etti. Sizin üzüntü özel ilişkiyi dikkate alınarak büyük olmalı; Kalbin artık iyileşti?
    KHS: Ben inceleyen az yorgunluktan çökmüş dedi makalesi vardı, ama ben hiç yıkılmamış ettik. Garip, bu benimle ilgili bu kadar çok sahte raporlar vardır. Tabii ki çok ağladın. Ama bir dereceye kadar tahmin edildiğini bir durum oldu ve ben o bizi terk etti kişinin önünde Utanmazlar ağlamaya uygun olduğunu düşünmüyordu. Ben sonuna kadar onun yolunu üzerinden izlemek mümkün oldu, çünkü kalbim, bir dereceye kadar barış oldu.

    EG: Ben senin Madonna (유쾌한 도우미) filmi yardımcı olduğunu duydum. Onun sayesinde, sen benzersiz bir yönetmen ziyade bir oyuncu olarak [büyük] ekran yaptı.
    KHS: Ben film hayal sayısız insanlardan sadece biriyim. Ben, senaryoyu yazdı senaryo üzerinde çalıştı ve eğlenceli çünkü benim kendi arka plan müziği gebe, ama ben bir film, kitap ve film müziği çevirmek için fırsat almak için şanslı oldu. Honext olmak gerekirse, ben [erişilebilir hale getirilmesi] filmin teknik tarafı hakkında bilmek bir şey yok. Ben bu ve bu okuyorum, ama çevremdeki insanlar aslında bunu öğrenmek değil bana söylediler. [Yaparsam] Yani, kendime (kahkahalar) her şeyi yapmaya çalışacağım.


    September 10, 2014 at 3:48 am

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