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Yeon Jung Hoon Becomes a Physician

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Yeon Jung Hoon is confirmed to star with Han Hye Jin and Park Yong Woo in Jejungwon (제중원). Yeon co-starred in East of Eden earlier this year and appeared recently in Dream for a cameo.

Yeon Jung Hoon

Yeon Jung Hoon

Jejungwon is a medical sageuk revolving around Hwang Jung, a butcher’s son who becomes a doctor at Korea’s first modern medical institution. (KP’s note: Jejungwon – the House of Universal Helpfulness – was established in the late 1800’s. It later became known as Severance Hospital – which is currently one of Korea’s top medical institutions. The original Jejungwon building still stands today on Yonsei University‘s campus.)

Yeon Jung Hoon has been cast as self-confident, cool-headed Baek Do Yang. Although Do Yang is a member of upper-class society, he chops off his topknot and decides to study Western medicine. He teams up with Hwang Jung (Park Yong Woo) to overcome adversity and become the first Korean physician practicing Western medicine.

Yeon supposedly agreed to the role after screenwriter Lee Ki Won told him, “I expect you to reincarnate Kim Myung Min’s character in White Tower with Baek Do Yang.”

The cast – including Yeon Jung Hoon, Han Hye Jin, and Park Yong Woo – met at SBS’s Ilsan Production Centre on August 3 to read over the script together. Filming will begin later this month. Jejungwon is to be broadcast in November following Dream. Its schedule will overlap for a time against MBC’s Queen Seon Duk, which is currently pulling in ratings of over 30%.

Source: Edaily


Written by KP

August 4, 2009 at 12:46 pm

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