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Couple Alert – Park Jung Ah & Gil

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Park Jung Ah & Gil

Park Jung Ah & Gil

Park Jung Ah of girl group Jewelry and Gil (né Gil Sung Joon) of hip-hop duo Leessang have been revealed to be in a relationship.

Although many were unaware until recently, they have been dating for about a year. The two were friends as well as sunbae-hoobae in the music industry; however, their relationship went from platonic to romantic after appearing together on Happy Sunday’s Kkokko Tour SingleSingle (꼬꼬관강 싱글♥싱글) segment last year. Their relationship status was kept a secret even from their agencies and most colleagues who assumed that they were just good friends. This was supposedly due to each partner’s fear that the other’s career or popularity – particularly Park’s – would suffer from the news.

Sources say that Gil (31 turning 32 in December) has been a source of strength for Park Jung Ah (28) in the past difficult year. Park single-handedly takes care of her grandmother at home while her mother remains in the hospital struggling with a disease. Gil was attracted to Park due to her good, caring nature.

Both Park Jung Ah and Gil’s respective musical groups – Jewelry and Leessang – are releasing their sixth albums shortly. Gil currently appears as a regular on Come to Play (놀러와) and is a casual member of Infinity Challenge (무한도전).

Source: mydaily, Newsen


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