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  • Two Days and One Night (1N2D; 1박2일) will try to follow up its successful Audience Tour Special with a Foreigner Tour Special. Six foreigners residing in Korea were invited to join Kang Ho Dong, MC Mong, Kim C, Lee Su Geun, and Lee Seung Gi on a trip to Chungsando from August 5 to 6. The guests ranged in language abilities, but there were no translators used. The Foreigner Tour Special will be broadcast on August 16 and 23 on KBS2.
    Two Days and One Night

    Two Days and One Night

    In other 1N2D news, there are currently discussions regarding whether or not Kim Jong Min will return as a regular member upon his completion of military service in December.

  • On August 5, members of DC Inside (internet community portal) Jung Il Woo Gallery congratulated the actor’s 1000th day since his debut by sending rice cake snacks for the entire cast and crew of Jung’s new drama, My Fair Lady. The rice cakes were accompanied by several other gifts for the star.

    gifts from DC Jung Il Woo

    gifts from DC Jung Il Woo Gallery

  • Tamra, the Island (also called Tamna the Island; 탐나는 도다)’s leads, Im Ju Hwan and Seo Woo have denied reports that they are dating. In an interview with Money Today’s Star News, Im stated that they are just good colleagues. (When asked, he responded that his last relationship was a couple of years ago with a fellow university student.) Since the Group Eight production filmed for four months last year in Jeju-do, the four main cast members – Seo Woo, Im Ju Hwan, Hwang Chan Bin, and Lee Sun Ho – grew very close. Tamra, the Island begins its broadcast this weekend at 7:55pm.

    Im Ju Hwan & Seo Woo

    Im Ju Hwan & Seo Woo

  • Yashimmanman 2 broadcast its Brilliant Legacy special this week with guests Han Hyo Joo, Lee Seung Gi, Moon Chae Won, Bae Soo Bin, Kim Mi Sook, and Yoo Ji In. On the program, Moon Chae Won was asked which of her former co-stars she likes better – Lee Min Ho or Lee Seung Gi. Her response?
    Moon Chae Won

    Moon Chae Won

    Lee Seung Gi!

  • Style debuted last weekend on SBS with a strong viewership of approximately 17%. Although reviews were generally favourable, there was significant criticism towards E Ji Ah’s over-the-top acting  as opposed to Kim Hye Soo’s strong performance as Editor Park Gi Ja.
  • Cha Ye Ryun and Lee Dong Gun have supposedly ended their relationship – but sources close to Lee are claiming that the two were never dating in the first place and remain good friends.

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