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Jung Tae Woo Becomes a Married Man

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Jung Tae Woo & Chang In Hee

Jung Tae Woo & Chang In Hee

Jung Tae Woo & Chang In Hee

Jung Tae Woo & Chang In Hee

Jung Tae Woo married his girlfriend of three years, Chang In Hee, on May 8 at Shilla Hotel in Seoul.

Their Christian ceremony was presided over by Reverend Cho Jung Min (of NGO Compassion) and the blessing was sung by an ensemble that included singer Jang Hye Jin and MBC announcer Park Na Rim (from Onnuri Church’s bible study group for entertainers). Other celebrities in attendance included Ahn Jae Wook, Jung Ryeo Won, and Park Ye Jin (photos below).

The newlyweds will set up their first home together in Ilsan after they return from their honeymoon in the Maldives.

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The Korea-Japan Telecinema Project (2009)

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Update (6/9): Seven of the eight segments have completed production. The segments will be released in theatres at the end of July and then simultaneously broadcast on Korea and Japanese television in October. Also, a couple of stills from Triangle have been released.



A massive Korea-Japan telecinema production consisting of seven two-hour segments is being created by various well-reputed Japanese screenwriters and Korean directors. Each mini-project will be broadcast as a two-part story  on TV (Korea РSBS; Japan РAsahi TV), as well as be released as a film in theatres. They are rumoured to begin showing in September of 2009.

Out of the seven segments that were to be produced, six are already filmed or in the process of filming. The production company is currently in discussions with screenwriter Nojima Shinji about the possibility of making an eighth segment.

Go beyond the jump to read about the all-star cast (Cha In Pyo! Kang Hye Jung! Kang Ji Hwan!) and other released details of each segment.

KP’s note: This post will be updated as further details are released. They are still in the process of making changes; for example, Kim Suna just recently dropped out. Each time we update, we will make the post “sticky” so that it appears at the top of the blog’s front page and highlight the most recent additions or alterations. For this reason, we ask that this post not be copied and pasted onto other webpages until more information is finalized. Thank you.
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Spotlight – Celebrity Baseball

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How are Joo Jin Mo, Jang Dong Gun, Jung Woo Sung, and Hyun Bin connected? They all play for the same celebrity baseball team!

Playboys (May '06)

Playboys, Spring '06

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