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Five Senses of Eros (Ogamdo) – An Introduction

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Update (6/30): Official segment titles have been added.

Ogamdo - poster

Ogamdo - poster



Ogamdo is a star-packed omnibus of five interconnected segments, each directed by a [different] top Korean director. Although the film’s main theme is eros, the poster states that it is “a story of more than eros”.

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Lee Si Young Joins Ogamdo

**Update: It has just been confirmed that the six high school students will be played by (from top left to bottom right): Kim Dong Wook (Coffee Prince), Jung Eui Chul (DoReMiFaSol), Sin Se Gyeong (My Little Bride), Song Joong Ki (My Precious Child), Lee Si Young (Boys Over Flowers), and Lee Sung Min (The Invisible Man).

Ogamdo's "high school students"

Ogamdo's "high school students"

Actress Lee Si Young has been newly added to the cast of Ogamdo (오감도).

The film, Ogamdo, will be directed by five famous directors, each in charge of a separate episode (segment). The five segments will have storylines that interconnect; the presumption is that its format will be similar to Things You Can Tell Just By Looking At Her.

Lee will be one of the main characters in the episode by director Oh Gi Hwan (The Art of Seduction). The storyline is about a couple-switch game between three couples in high school. **The six students will exchange their partners for a day. The intent is to show the impulsive, honest, lively, and refreshing characters of teenagers through the movie.

The entire movie has a large cast including Jang Hyuk, Kim Min Sun, and Kim Su Ro, Kim Kang Woo and has already started filming. The goal is to finish filiming by this spring and have the movie premiere mid-2009.

Source: Newsen via Daum, StarNews via Daum

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February 10, 2009 at 7:36 am