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Couple Alert – Jung Joon Ha & Miss A

Jung Joon Ha

Jung Joon Ha

Comedian Jung Joon Ha (Infinity Challenge), 37, has acknowledged that he has been in a relationship for the past three months. In an interview with YTN Star, he told viewers that his girlfriend is angelic. She is his first girlfriend in four or five years.

The couple met six months ago through mutual acquaintances. There were originally reports that the woman lives in Japan and that Jung has been travelling back and forth between Korea and Japan to see her; however, his agency stated that those were false rumours.

His girlfriend, called “Miss A” by the media, is ten years his junior. She is a dong-po (an ethnic Korean who was born and raised in another country), but currently resides and works in Korea. Some news reports are claiming that she is a stewardess for a Korean airline.

Jung has expressed concern that the news of their relationship will cause problems for her at work: “I’m a celebrity, so I don’t care if my personal life is publicized but that person isn’t very well-acquainted with Korean society yet. I’m worried that the public news of our relationship will cause her emotional scars.”

A source from Happy Together said that Jung originally revealed his relationship status during filming for his guest appearance show. However, after filming, he asked the producers to edit that portion out of the broadcast. Now that the news has spread, it is possible that they may air it after all. During filming, Jung admitted that Miss A’s pet name for him is “Shrek”, while he calls her “Nemo”.

Jung is currently performing in an encore run of the musical Radio Star (March 3 to April 5).


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