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  • Jung Hyung Don and girlfriend Han Yu Ra have set a wedding date! After formally introducing their families on June 9, they have set September 12 as their wedding date although the venue has yet to be decided. The two met last year while working together on the SBS show Mystery Commando – he as a host and she as a scriptwriter. (She currently writes for MBC’s 오늘 밤만 재워줘 – loosely translated as Let Me Stay Over Tonight.) Although they began dating around October of 2008, the relationship was not publicized until this past April. Two of Jung’s Infinity Challenge co-hosts – Jung Joon Ha and Noh Hong Chul – also revealed their relationships this year.

    Jung Hyung Don and Han Yu Ra

    Jung Hyung Don and Han Yu Ra

  • After a year and two months, Tablo is stepping down from being the DJ of Tablo’s Dream Station on MBC FM4U. There were various reasons cited – including increasing activities abroad and preparation for their sixth album as well as a remix album. June 13 will be his last broadcast.

    Tablo (from his blog on

    Tablo (from his blog on

  • Hit weekend drama, Brilliant Legacy, has been extended by two episodes (to a total of 28) due to high ratings. Discussion continues over extending it further to 30 episodes, but has yet to be approved.
    In related news, the show’s male lead, Lee Seung Gi (Sunwoo Hwan), distributed gifts to the entire staff of approximately 70 people. He gave each crew member a sweater, t-shirt, and handwritten letter to express his gratitude for their hard work. It reportedly took him about a week to write all of the personalized letters in between filming for Brilliant Legacy and Two Days and One Night.

    Brilliant Legacy - poster

    Brilliant Legacy - poster

  • JYP Entertainment opened up an official English-language website for the Wonder Girls as their fame rises in America. In a hugely successful move for the group, the girls – Yenny “the go-getter”, Mimi “the daydreamer”, Sun “the perfectionist”, Sohee “the chic”, and Yubin “the swagger” – are touring with the Jonas Brothers for the entire summer. (KP’s note: Many Korean articles are referring to the Jonas Brothers as “America’s Big Bang” – in your opinion – true or false?)
    Wonder Girls

    Wonder Girls

    In related news, the Wonder Girls are in China for a couple of days along with the cast of Two Days and One Night (1N2D / 1박 2일) to film a segment for the show before heading to the U.S.

  • Hyun Young will begin studying at Korea University’s Graduate School of Journalism & Mass Communication this coming September. At age 32, Hyun Young stated that she is eager to study seriously since she is starting later than most. She will become schoolmates with actresses Lee In Hea (Iron Empress) and Kim A Joong (The Accidental Couple).

    Hyun Young

    Hyun Young

  • Hallyu star Lee Young Ae (Sympathy for Lady Vengeance) was accepted into Hanyang University’s doctorate program for Theater & Cinema after submitting documents and passing an interview. Although she did not do a written test, a representative from Hanyang stated that Lee received no special consideration and was accepted on the same standard as all other doctorate students. After registering in July, she will begin her studies on September 1. Lee previously studied German at Hanyang for her undergraduate degree and attended Chung-Ang for her Master’s in theatre.

    Lee Young Ae

    Lee Young Ae

  • Lee Kyung Kyu and Eun Ji Won join Kim Gu Ra and Moon Hee Jun as hosts on SBS variety program, Intimate Note (절친노트). The program will undergo some changes and be called Intimate Note 2 beginning June 19. Rather than inviting guests who are uncomfortable with each other to resolve their problems on the show (previous guests include Sohee-Yoobin, Seung Ri-Dae Sung, and Kangin-Sungmin), the second season will invite celebrity best friends to show viewers what true friendship is like. Close friends Kim Je Dong, Yoon Do Hyun, Kim Jang Hoon, and Bae Chil Soo will be Intimate Note 2‘s first featured guests.

    Intimate Note 2 hosts

    Intimate Note 2 hosts


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  1. KP: “Many Korean articles are referring to the Jonas Brothers as “America’s Big Bang”. True or false?)”

    that is false the jonas brothers are not like big bang at all Big Bang is better and i know that for a fact since i live in the U.S.


    June 10, 2009 at 11:50 pm

  2. The JoBros are considered America’s Big Bang that’s a big joke! The JoBros aren’t up to the comparing level as Big Bang. They have 2 different styles one more eccentric than the other. I prefer Big Bang over JoBros since I have listened to some of their songs on the radio…it was bleh.

    I rarely comment but I had to comment abt the big bang thing haha. I literally said out loud “wtf” haha. I even texted my friend abt it and she texted back saying “WRONG” lol.

    Jung Hyun Don getting married is really quick I hate to “jump the gun” but maybe shotgun marriage? Or they just really love each other…w/e it is wish them both lots of happiness.


    June 11, 2009 at 1:22 am

  3. Jonas the American Big Bang? PSH!!!! Yeah, right.. I’m sorry, but Jonas is not worthy enough to be compared to Big Bang. I live in the states and have seen the JoBro’s musical growth since their debut and I have also seen Big Bang’s musical growth since their debut. I gotta say, the two groups are not comparable since JoBro’s have not grown at all (well, they did “try” to be more mature but I’m really not convinced) whereas Big Bang has matured – you can see it in their lyrics and their style. Big Bang is not afraid to make drastic changes and experiment which makes them better than JoBros. But when talking about popularity, sure, they can be comparable, but still. Calling JoBro’s America’s Big Bang is just wrong.


    June 11, 2009 at 10:07 am

  4. bigbang is way better. and why are the wondergirls touring with them. no offense but i dont think wondergirls are ready to tour with big american stars. why jonas brothers. i gotta say a good amount of fans might not like this idea. both korean and american. not alot of americans know wondergirls.


    June 11, 2009 at 12:38 pm

  5. God seriously. What were they thinking while they compared Jonas Bro’s to Big Bang. JB is nothing like Big Bang. I totally agree with the comments above. Its really a big joke. I wasn’t very pleased when I heard WG were gonna tour with them. Sure they will get publicity but the idea to me is just bleh. I prefer WONDERBANG like 10 million times more.
    Wg filming for IN2D ???? Seriously??
    I love 1N2D !!


    June 14, 2009 at 5:03 am

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